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PyroPlayers has a small staff, but each contributes immeasurably to the work that goes into the magazine. John Quince is our publisher. His work is mostly comprised of pleading over the phone with truck stops and newsstands to keep PPM on store shelves... Oh, and he assists with funding the project too. Jet Odyssey is editor-in-chief of PyroPlayers. He typically puts the thoughts and findings of others to print, edits the sloppy submissions of other crewmembers, and keeps his sunglasses on to catch some Zzzs when John's out of the office. Our researchers and investigators, Dave and Nick, can usually be found surfing the web or leaving crumbs on their phones whilst chatting with game devs and setting up meetings. Finally, Jason and Kim, our programmers, keep the site up and running and never, ever make any mistakes.