M. Bison
Military Madman
From Street Fighter II


M. Bison is the supremely villainous rapscallion of Street Fighter II lineage. First only as a main baddie, but then as a playable fighter in Champion Edition. Nowadays with the onset of Super Street Fighter II, M. Bison is as intimidating as ever. He pummels foes to a puddle with brute strength, in addition to harnessing an unknown psycho energy to unleash his special moves. His signature move is the deadly psycho crusher, or torpedo spin attack. New to his arsenal in SSFII Turbo is the frightening Devil Reverse Punch. His quest will not be complete until he is proven the best fighter on Earth. In the meantime, look out!

Acid Green and Mean
From Mortal Kombat I & II


Once a complete mystery relegated to Mortal Kombat's Pit Stage, Reptile is now unleashed upon the Outworld Tournament in Mortal Kombat II. This fighter is fully fleshed-out with a host of dreaded abilities and ninja-quick moves. Reptile has been known to lower his mask to spit a hideous, venomous liquid from his mouth, and sometimes spark a sphere of pure energy directly to his opponent. Worst of all, this elusive fighter can disappear into thin air with an invisibility superpower. Legend has it, his humanoid form is a mere disguise to cover Reptile's true, reptilian underskin.

Creature of Destruction
From TMNT Tournament Fighters on SNES


Tournament Fighters has ten playable fighters, but only one is a giant, feared creature named for humanity's greatest downfall. This alien and/or mutant stepped down from the tall, tall heights of Mount Olympus bristlin' for a fight. Legend says this monster brawls with razor sharp 6-inch-long claws tagged with a wallop of super strength. Look out for his Energy Aura super move: it's unstoppable! Weighing in at 350lbs, War is a force to be reckoned with, but behind those claws, is this beast just searching for some friendship and kindness? Not likely, but few have gotten close enough to learn!