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Final Fantasy III
Square * SNES * 24 MB * Now Available


This one's sssssmokin'! Final Fantasy III, or VI in Japan, is the grandiose role-player our team and readership has been waiting for. Back-to-back disappointments with Final Fantasy V and Dragon Quest V skipping U.S. releases bummed us out something bad. We were then overjoyed when news broke that FF III would find a home in the States! Now that we have played this cart to its fullest extent, we can say with certainty that it far and away surpasses its predecessor. In a world crowded with Mana, Lufia, and others, some wondered whether FF could make an impact. Having seen significant improvements from II in all avenues from presentation to menu navigation, players would be foolish to pass this up.

Following the journeys of Terra Branford and Co. is as invigorating and engaging as reading through a Tolkien work. The twists and turns of the industrial setting go from here to there in the blink of an eye. Accompany the many and varied bunch of characters, including amnesia-stricken Terra, a weaselly thief named Locke, and a mechanical wizard called Edgar. Each endure a world rife with political struggle, romance, and intense rivalry. We adore the soundtrack in FF III, likening it to a majestic film score unlike anything yet heard on SNES. Kudos to the graphical team as well for showing some true innovation and attention to detail. We urge all adventurers play it right away. It will renew your love for the Super NES.

Printed in Issue #19, November 1994
AD&D Slayer
SSI * 3DO * CD * Now Available


The onset of the 32-Bit era is bringing forth tons of heavy-hitters in the graphical front, but the forecast is less rosy in the realm of role-players and fantasy games - as least so far. One of the rare exceptions to this rule is the all-new Slayer, a dungeon-crawler set within the bounds of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. This 3DO exclusive was created in a joint production from SSI, of Eye of the Beholder fame and TSR, holders of the D&D license. This relationship is set to dissolve, with Slayer acting as their last project, so how does this blue moon hold up? With over four billion dungeons generated for players to delve into, adventuring is a hoot. Now that's what we call endless replayability.

Players searching for an engrossing journey in a realistic 3-D landscape will not be disappointed upon loading Slayer into their 3DO, assuming the relatively few 3DO owners out there are keen on action role-players. As with the best D&D games, you will have plenty of characters to choose from in a variety of classes and styles, plus the option of creating a customized character. Unlike some of the more basic dungeon-crawlers, Slayer takes a bit of influence from Doom to add in a dash of fast-paced action to the mix. The stark lack of sound effects and unpleasant-sounding soundtrack is a notable drawback in this otherwise fun title. Adventurers ought to try out this SSI/TSR project for a taste of what may be on the horizon.

Printed in Issue #19, November 1994