Game Chat Lines

AT&T is set to release a modem peripheral for the Genesis named Edge-16. When attached to your landline and slotted in the Genesis, Edge-16 will permit players to play games over the net while chatting on the phone! This revolutionary device will use VoiceSpan technology to open up a new frontier for players to communicate from anywhere in the country. Sign us up!

Sega-Disney Partnership

Games players visiting Epcot Center over at Walt Disney World are in for an electronic treat thanks to a multi-year agreement from Sega of America. Epcot's Innoventions exhibit, a virtual playground with tons of futuristic displays, will now feature a swathe of Sega offerings, including Genesis, Sega CD, and Game Gear stations. The 10,000-sq ft display is open free-of-charge to all park guests!

Retro-Gaming in Japan

For those eager to travel out to the Land of the Rising Sun, consider taking a pit-stop at the all-new Tokyo Video Game Museum. This is a one-of-a-kind shrine for classic games dating back to the beginning. Read More.

 Web Updates for November

It's the time of year to be thankful for all the blessings in your life. Around the Thanksgiving table, be sure to recount your sentimentality for your Super Nintendo, your Genesis, and don't forget that Game Boy of yours! Oh, and I suppose health, and happiness, and blah blah blah. This month, Rare will release their absolutely astounding Donkey Kong Country, a sure-fire contender for Best Game of 1994. Check out our Review Station for our condensed thoughts on that one, as well as the all-new Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic: Triple Trouble! We bring you two exclusive coming attractions within the Preview Corner, a highly anticipated SNES RPG and a 3-D action title for 3DO. Something exciting is in the works for PPM Net Edition - Stay tuned for a special announcement!

Web Updates for October

In this month of tricks and treats, PPM is your go-to for an incredible autumn of gaming galore. The leaves may be a'changing, but the fun times keep rolling onward. Our Review Station is practically bursting off the hinges as loads of goodies finally hit release time. Earthworm Jim promptly set a new bar for action-platformers. Final Fantasy III earns high marks for exhibiting the best of RPGs, and Contra on Genesis is no joke. See our total Mortal Kombat II blowout with 4 mega reviews! Over at our Preview Corner, the team examines two upcoming launch titles: Entries for the Ultra 64 and the Sega 32X. An all-new Cool Zone as well as a Nintendo VS. Sega Spotlight are coming soon, too!

Web Updates for September

Just like that and we are back in September! This month marks the 2nd Anniversary of PyroPlayers Magazine and we are super glad that you Net readers have shared this journey with us. These two years have been a blast, and we are just getting started. Stay subscribed as we brave the coming leap to a whole new generation of gaming! Check out our monthly Reviews and Previews, featuring titles from Dynamite Headdy to Way of the Warrior. We have also posted the latest edition of Top Ten, featuring our favorite cooperative games - We bet you can't guess #1! Much more coming your way in the near future, including the newest Adventurer's Guild episode all about some awesome RPGs.


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