Bit Talkin'

 Welcome one and all to the dawn of the Bit Wars. 64-Bit this and 32-Bit that. It's all the techy press keeps glabbering on about! Is more bits always better? And what are bits, anyway? In the context of video games, the number of "bits" refers to the raw power of a console's processor to quickly and smoothly compute information. Higher bit counts, in theory, mean more realistic and complex games, but size isn't everything. There's no doubt you'll be hearing plenty of Bit Talkin' in the coming year!

Toy Mania

You feel that spirit of the season? Time to grab your wallets! Every XMas there comes along a certain "must-have" toy at the top of Santa Wish Lists across the country. Once upon a time it was the Cabbage Patch craze, then Laser Tag. In 1993, it's the Deluxe Talkboy: A handheld cassette player and voice recorder as featured in Home Alone 2. Better act quick if you want one before next year. Most Toys "R" Us stores and big-box retailers are cleaned out!

What About That Other Site?

To the chagrin of our publisher, we are not the only games mag on the scene, nor are we the only website about games and pop culture! For any seasoned "Net Vet" you're aware of the hundreds of other such sites out there. Though we prefer to avoid bringing up web-competitors (we can share, right?), we're handing an olive branch to the folks at Games Domain: A respectable U.K. site with an assortment of analyses. In our view, the more the merrier!

Featurette: A Primer

In this block, a section we admirably call the "Bonus Featurette," our editors will type up smaller highlights pertaining to a multitude of topics. Everything from a hot new website to a reunion of our favorite hair metal band, be sure to check this column each week!

Dost Thou Seeketh Adventure?

 Your PPM Review Crew has been itchin' to evolve our net review format into a longer-form style. Mr Quince saw the light - So Whoomp! There it is! We've unlocked the doors to the Adventurer's Guild, a column focused on role-playing and fantasy games. Our first entry includes a look at Final Fantasy II and Ys IV on SNES. Additionally, we've posted our Showcase Review for Cybermorph on the Atari Jaguar: A title with loads to live up to. You may notice several smaller updates as well, like the all-new In This Corner...! section below! Net Edition is just flowing with content, folks!

January Reviews and Previews

Brrr! The temperature's been dropping faster than Meat Loaf's trousers, and our heating bill keeps going up. Might as well crank up the volume on that Genesis and get to work! Reviews and Previews for the month of January are now live on the web for your viewing enjoyment - now with extra Jag! Our team uploaded the latest Tips too! If you're a Star Wars fan, be sure to check the CoolZone for a special entry just for you! There's lots more to come this month from your pals over at PyroPlayers Magazine.

Year-End Roundup

1993 has come and gone, and so ends the 1st Volume of PyroPlayers Magazine. Other than containing a full year of PPM, '93 brought with it many memorable moments from StarFox-mania to Mortal Monday and the dawn of 32 and 64-Bit. We leave you with our coverage of Aladdin in Nintendo VS. SEGA, as well a new surprise to welcome in the New Year. Moving forward, PPM will switch to a monthly format! That means 12 issues per year instead of 6, and plenty more updates! Brace yourselves for 1994 and Volume 2 of PPM!

Tis the Season

Feel that cold brisk in the air and the tones of Frank Sinatra on every radio? It must be the most wonderful time of the year! To celebrate, we've posted the digitized PPM Holiday Handbook: Our annual gifting guide for the gaming-inclined. Take a peak at this special feature and use its info to help with your shopping spree this XMas! Elsewise, the autumn Slime pick is live, as is our Top 10 countdown of the best Super Mario titles!

News Room: A Primer

In "News Room" we will supply you with the latest news striking the world of video games, including routine updates on this very website! We plan bi-monthly uploads from our printed mags: Spotlights, Reviews, Previews and, of course, our Slime of the Season. Whenever we have news, we will notify you of a link to the right web page. [Old News Here!]

Creature of Destruction
From TMNT Tournament Fighters on SNES


Tournament Fighters has ten playable fighters, but only one is a giant, feared creature named for humanity's greatest downfall. This alien and/or mutant stepped down from the tall, tall heights of Mount Olympus bristlin' for a fight. Legend says this monster brawls with razor sharp 6-inch-long claws tagged with a wallop of super strength. Look out for his Energy Aura super move: it's unstoppable! Weighing in at 350lbs, War is a force to be reckoned with, but just because he has sharp claws doesn't mean he has a sharp soul! Is this beast searching for love and kindness? Not likely, but few have gotten close enough to learn!


Super Nintendo
Pocky & Rocky
Mad Dog McCree

Natsume pulled no punches in localizing this run-and-gun to the states, meaning players will be up for quite the challenge. It may not have a password system, but with this simply trick, you can skip stages! On the selection screen, hold the X and Y buttons down. While holding, hit A four times, B four times, then A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B. Now begin your game by pressing Start, and you'll have free reign to select any level you wish. Resume wherever you left off or skip far ahead - even to the final boss stage!


To overcome the roughest, toughest shooters in the wilderness, players may need a helping hand. Though there's no known tip to recruit Wyatt Earp to your side, there is a fun trick to avoid starting the entire game over when you're killed. When in a gunfight, press Start after you've been shot. You must do this one mega quick! If the mortician appears, you're too slow! By hitting Start, you can click Continue to rewind the game a tad before your fateful injury. Keep up that gunslingin', partner!

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