Where Is THIS System?

Subscribers know our mag prides itself on delivering tons of video game news and intel. But even PPM can't report on everything! Game systems are popping up all over the place, inspired by SEGA breaking apart Nintendo's monopoly-like control of the industry. You know the 3DO and Jaguar, but this new crop is joined by the Euro-based Amiga CD-32, the luxurious Pioneer LaserActive, and the lumbering CD-i. Seeing as their games are sparse and we have nine (superior!) systems to discuss as-is, we thought it best to hold off until something truly mind-blowing appears. As for the future, you never know!

Violent Ratings

Violent games have been in the news a lot these days. Nintendo claims its curated seal of approval prevents any violence from appearing on their consoles. Sega avoided fibbing and instead announced a movie-like rating system to clear the air. Genesis and Game Gear boxes will now come stamped with a label on a scale from GA (General) to MA-13 and MA-17 (Mature). It's not enough for the U.S. Senate, it seems, as they're now holding hearings on the matter. We at PPM feel strongly about this issue, so we'd like to say: We'd kick your butt at Mortal Kombat any day, Mr. Lieberman!

Bit Talkin'

Welcome one and all to the dawn of the Bit Wars. 64-Bit this and 32-Bit that. It's all the techy press keeps glabbering on about! Is more bits always better? And what are bits, anyway? In the context of video games, the number of "bits" refers to the raw power of a console's processor to quickly and smoothly compute information. Higher bit counts, in theory, mean more realistic and complex games, but size isn't everything. There's no doubt you'll be hearing plenty of Bit Talkin' in the coming year!

Featurette: A Primer

In this block, a section we admirably call the "Bonus Featurette," our editors will type up smaller highlights pertaining to a multitude of topics. Everything from a hot new website to a reunion of our favorite hair metal band, be sure to check out this column for new "bonus" tidbits!

 Web Updates for June

Welcome to the Summer of Gaming '94, a season which brings just as many games as the rest of the year! We've posted our newest catalog of Reviews and Previews for your viewing pleasure, complete with three hot, new 3DO titles for the Panasonic wonder. At our coming attractions section, see some killer screens for Super Street Fighter II on SNES. We're pumped to save those quarters! Check out the latest Next Wave Report on our Spotlight page for a peek at the Super 32X and a surprising VR announcement from Nintendo.

Web Updates for May

As the NBA Jam announcer declared, "It's heating up!" Summer is around the corner, and with it comes the latest round of Reviews and Previews. Check out our review of Super Metroid, Nintendo's premier heavy hitter for '94. The crew also takes a look at the pricey Virtua Racing port for Genesis and Soul Star, our favorite SEGA-CD game in ages. As for coming attractions, Square has confirmed their planned U.S. launch of Final Fantasy III. See our full preview over in the Preview Corner. We've also updated the Cool Zone with a piece on the unavoidable Power Rangers craze. Much more to come soon!

Web Updates for April

Everyone find your lost eggs and win a basket of candy? Celebrate with a brand-new assortment of Reviews and Previews. With April comes Wario Land on Game Boy, Tempest 2000 for the Jag, and the Genesis reimagining of Shadowrun. We're psyched for Illusion of Gaia coming soon for SNES, so make sure to see our exclusive look in the Preview Corner. Comin' down the pipeline is the April ediiton of the Top 10 along with much more! Stay reading, web visitors!

PPM Player Awards

Our virtual spacetop is chock-full of even more goodies as we wrap up the winter months and move full-speed ahead! Presenting...The 1993 PPM Player Awards, our exclusive awards ceremony to commemorate this year's finest in the world of games. Be sure to sneak a peak at the newest Next Wave Report all about Nintendo's Project Reality and SEGA's Saturn. Coming real soon on the Spotlight front is our review of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show. Oh! Don't forget our Top Ten Tough-as-Nails Games over in that corner, too!

News Room: A Primer

In "News Room" we will supply you with the latest news striking the world of video games, including routine updates on this very website! We plan monthly uploads from our printed mags: Spotlights, Reviews, Previews and, of course, our Slime of the Season. Whenever we have news, we will notify you of a link to the right web page. [Old News Here!]


M. Bison
Military Madman
From Street Fighter II


M. Bison is the supremely villainous rapscallion of Street Fighter II lineage. First only as a main baddie, but then as a playable fighter in Champion Edition. Nowadays with the onset of Super Street Fighter II, M. Bison is as intimidating as ever. He pummels foes to a puddle with brute strength, in addition to harnessing an unknown psycho energy to unleash his special moves. His signature move is the deadly psycho crusher, or torpedo spin attack. New to his arsenal in SSFII Turbo is the frightening Devil Reverse Punch. His quest will not be complete until he is proven the best fighter on Earth. In the meantime, look out!


Super Nintendo
Wolfenstein 3-D
Super Nintendo
Rocky Rodent

Being based on a PC game does have its advantages! Imagineer's port of Wolfenstein on SNES is no exception, bringing with it a slew of cheats hidden behind a top-secret method. Here's the scoop: Plug in Controller 2 and start up the game. Hold the R button on Controller 2 right away, and keep it held until you hit the title screen. Now start-up your run in Normal Mode and press Start. Now try B, Up, B, A for invincibility, R, Up, B, A for free ammo, or Up, B, R, B to clear the stage! Not too shabby.


Rocky Rodent is one in the array of Sonic-styled mascot platform games. We at PPM found the game a bit too dull to grant it a complete review, but for cart-owners needing a bit of a boost, here's a neat tip we discovered. As soon as you reach the title card and see Rocky himself dashing acrossthe screen, grab your controller and enter in Y, A, Right, A, B, A. Now, on the Options screen, you can change the number of Continues to "?", or unlimited! Play on as long as you please.


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