1993 is shaping up to be the year of the dino. The best-selling novel Jurassic Park has officially been converted to the silver screen courtesy of Universal Pictures and Steven Spielberg, and chances are you've seen the glorious reptiles in all their glory. The $65 million movie is not all - in fact we're also knee-deep in a host of other dino merch ranging from video games and electronic handheld devices to t-shirts and comic books. Though Topps' comic cards and Universal's fun tie-ins are plenty of fun, it wouldn't exist without the spectacular studio film and the ingenious dinosaur recreations.

Spielberg's direction and Michael Crichton's authorship of the source material were instrumental in bringing the story to life, but the film would not have achieved its box-office breakthrough without the special effects team. Jurassic Park's animators, led by stop-motion specialist Phil Tippett, and the small crew over at George Lucas' VFX computer lab (known for E.T.: Extra Terrestrial and Terminator 2), used their knowledge of the field to create eye-popping, photorealistic dinosaurs the likes of which we've never seen. Computer graphics are astonishing. We're super jazzed to see what's next in store from these wizards.

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"Welcome to Jurassic Park!!"

[Article from the July/Aug 1993 Issue of PPM]

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