Nintendo 64 Update, Saturn Version 2


Nintendo officially announced that their 64-Bit console will be named "Nintendo 64" in all parts of the world, doing away with the "Ultra" branding for good. Following successive delays brought about by legendary manufacturing issues that prevented sufficient production, it now appears the Big N is ready for a final launch for this much-hyped console. The date is set for June 23rd in Japan.

Three games will be available when the system makes its big splash: Super Mario 64, Pilotwings 64, and a chess-like puzzle game. As for us stateside folks, Nintendo confirms the system will land in the U.S. on September 30th with an astounding $250 price-tag. It will be bundled with one joypad with no pack-in to be included - although expect SM64 on the shelf separately at launch.


Sega took the iniative in its response to the Nintendo with the debut of their updated White Saturn, a Japan-only variant on the market for a measly $200. For comparison's sake, the U.S. system sells for $249, or $299 with VF: Remix. The new, cream-colored version incorporates a streamlined chipset design and slimmer casing whilst retaining compatibility with all Saturn games, accessories, and peripherals.

Sega claims these alterations lower manufacturing costs to pass on the savings to the consumer. By all accounts, their strategy is working wonders as cheaper systems sell like hotcakes in Japan. This comes as terrible news for Sony, which is now forced to adjust its plan to better compete with Saturn. The entertainment giant is expected to lower the Japanese PS-X price accordingly to place it back on equal footing with Sega.

[Printed in Issue #38, June 1996]