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Super Mario Bros.


For NES    Released in 1985
In Legends, we will seek to recognize the greatest games of the past, and all those which made history in one way or another. Super Mario Bros. is, of course, the natural premier title to win our admiration in this category. Still running and jumping, and saving the princess, to this day, Super Mario is an icon of games and is perhaps more famous than Mickey Mouse to today's youth!

Alex Kidd


For Sega Master System    Released in 1986
Sega premiered its Master System with Alex Kidd in Miracle World, a colorful platformer not too unlike its mustachioed counterpart on the opposing console. Alex Kidd was essentially the Sonic the Hedgehog for the time, oftentimes appearing as the de facto mascot of the arcade manufacturer. Kidd may not have been awe-inspiring, but without him, we may not have our Sega Genesis today!

Pole Position II


For Atari 7800    Released in 1986
Atari's flagship console, the 7800, was released in 1986 with little flair. It presented itself as the budget machine and used its familiarity as a selling point. Pole Position II was the pack-in, and it proved a fairly decent port of the arcade game for the time. For returning Atari consoles to households everywhere and rebuilding the partly destroyed brand, it gets a tip-of-the-hat.

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