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January/February 1993

Dynamix - For SEGA-CD
Willy Beamish
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Adventure | CD | March 1993

Hot off the presses from the kind folks over at Dynamix comes news of a neat-looking new title for the SEGA CD! Here comes Willy Beamish, a game player and bratty student dealing with troubling everyday life. This appears to be a solid port of the affamed Amiga and MS-DOS game originally developed by Sierra Entertainment. PC on Console is a go!

Fully animated screens are omnipresent in this point-and-click adventure game, hundreds of them, in fact! Digitized voices will also be present - once an absolute rarity on game consoles. We've also heard reports of multiple endings to the Willy Beamish story, so be sure to check it out soon and mold the best future possible for young Mr. Beamish.

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Game Type | Game Size | Release
Platformer | 8 MB | Mar. 1993

Just who is this B.O.B. fellow? Well, according to the programming wizards over at Electronic Arts, B.O.B. is an exciting video robot (perhaps modeled after Nintendo's R.O.B.?). B.O.B. is stranded on a hostile asteroid chock to the brim with bad dudes who want to use the teenage bot for scrap metal. EA has assured us that B.O.B. has no shortage of attitude as well.

Using power-ups along the way, the player will need to navigate through jungle-gym type levels, fighting giant insects, bats and mutants in order to find a new space-car and flee these crazy worlds! There are set to be plenty of stages to explore, and B.O.B. will need to utilize every last drop of motor oil to take on fierce bosses in turn.

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TTI - For TG16-CD
Lords of Thunder
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Shooter | CD | Feb. 1993

I bet you thought you've seen it all when it came to the pinnacle of shooter action on the TurboDuo. Think again! TTI is back with a spectacular-looking follow-up to Gate of Thunder due for release sometime in February. This side-scrolling shooter is packed with seven grinding levels - each filled with various sets of armor and firepower.

We've reviewed and previewed many games, but this might just be the best graphics we've seen on a console yet! CD technology is truly a marvel. We were blown away with the multi-scene introduction sequence, with its magnificent animation, and shortly after were greeted with nonstop fun. This one looks to be a no-brainer if you have a Turbo!

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