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March/April 1993

Capcom - For SEGA-CD
Final Fight CD
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Brawler | CD | May 1993

As we've seen thus far with development on the Sega CD, there are two main types of games being released. Either the title is a Full-Motion Video, point-and-click adventure, or it is an enhancement/de-hancement of a previously existing game. In the case of Capcom's Final Fight for the Sega CD, it is rather definitively the latter.

Sega players were asking for it, so now the Sega Genesis is the home for the greatest home version of Capcom's splendid little fighter. As in the arcades, all three playable characters, Guy, Cody, and Haggar, are available for selection. Beyond just that, the wonders of CD tech allows for simultaneous 2-player gameplay. Take to the streets this May for a ride crazily close to the arcade.

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Nintendo - For SNES
Star Fox
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Shooter | TBD MB | Mar. 1993

Eager to move ahead with showcasing its Super FX Chip technology, Nintendo is preparing to release one of the most sophisticated video games ever - and on a standard cartridge, no less! This new and experimental format takes the shape of Star Fox a fantastic 3-D space shooter set in the mysterious, albeit advanced, Rairatto System.

The player guides a team of star fighters both far into space and just above the planetary surface, blowing apart enemy ships, asteroids, and mines. This squad, presumably named Star Fox Team, is composed entirely of anthropomorphic critters: A Fox, a Rabbit, a Frog, and a Bird to name a few. As protector of the galaxy, it is the mission of this circus of animals to preserve the peace.

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Nintendo - For SNES
Yoshi's Cookie
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Puzzle | 8 MB | Summer 1993

To the gratitude of Nintendo players everywhere, the Big N has agreed to release an upgraded version of the clever NES puzzler to the Super NES. In either one or two-player modes, work to gather up and effectively rearrange Mario and Yoshi's cookies to gain the highest score. It's all you love from the originals, but now with fresher graphics and sounds!

On the solo route, it's a Tetris-like test of skill and timing, but in one-on-one competition, the game shifts to a feverish race to clear the screen of all cookies. Like the originals, the game appears easy to pick up and play, and we expect quite a few SNES owners will be matching up baked goods when Yoshi's Cookie hits store shelves this summer. Put on that chef's hat!

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