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May/June 1993

Sega - For SEGA-CD
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Shooter | CD | Autumn

Square - For SNES
Final Fantasy V
Game Type | Game Size | Release
RPG | 16 MB | Nov

Sega - For GENESIS
Golden Axe 3
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Brawler | ? MB | Q3 1993

If you were blown away by the graphical fidelity of the Super FX-Chip as seen in Star Fox, you ain't seen nothin' yet! Sega revealed their answer to the vulpine pilot at CES with Silpheed, an arcade-like spaceship shooter the likes of which we have yet to see on a home console. The plot remains largely under-wraps, but you can bet there's a bunch of dangerous, polygonal baddies that need dealing with.
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Like other beloved titles in the genre, the player will have access to a myriad of power-ups and missiles which will lighten the load, but the true star of the show is undoubtedly the spectacular 3-D graphics. Over mountainous lands, in battleship-filled outer space, and in futuristic city corridors, the Sega-CD will show off its might with realistic environments - all in glorious 20 frames per second! We can't wait for more!

It has officially been 18 months since the North American release of Final Fantasy 2 on Super Nintendo. It was, and may still be, the best role-playing game available on the system. This past December, Japan saw the release of its much-anticipated sequel. The massive, 16 MB successor has the player exploring a whole new world from both high above the plains in a fancy airship to deep below the ocean in a submarine.
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On your way to rescue fated mystical warriors by the use of collecting crystal shards, fantastical and intellectual enemies will stand in your path. 14 diverse classes and the ability to swap them will keep you on your toes. Gorgeous graphics (Mode 7!) and sounds may just place this title above the previous incarnation. The new Final Fantasy, named V in Japan but reportedly III when it touches U.S. shores, is set to be released in November.

Sega has unveiled the latest in its now three-part Golden Axe trilogy. Developed by the same folks who brought you the original two titles, the third, and possibly most technologically advanced, entry in the saga once more puts the player in a side-scrolling, brawler-like environment. Hack and slash your way to defeat the dreaded Prince of Darkness and reclaim your home land for peace.
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From what we've seen in our closed-door previews from Sega, Golden Axe III looks to be every bit as exciting and blood-pumping as the originals. There are a slew of new moves for you to choose from, not to mention a novel grappling attack (perhaps inspired by Mortal Kombat?). We've also confirmed two new character types: a Lizard humanoid and an Ogre monster. We expect a release later this year following the Japanese launch this June.

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