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May 1994

preview7    preview8 Final Fantasy VI

Developer: Square
Release: Autumn 1994
PPM has learned that Square, the undisputed champion of role-playing games, has officially decided to localize and translate the next Final Fantasy title shortly after its Japanese launch. Final Fantasy VI, or Final Fantasy III as it will be known here in the states, has been given an autumn release window for the U.S. edition. This news follows months of mixed messages and uncertainty once Square's refusal to port over Final Fantasy V to North America rattled RPG lovers' hopes and dreams. Now it appears gamers can look forward to an exciting, new fantasy adventure featuring a cast of complex and multi-dimensional characters. FFVI will be a 24MB cart, use 256 colors on-screen at a time, include a battery back-up, and much more. This may just be an easy frontrunner for SNES Game of the Year if things pan out as they should.

preview5    preview6 Panorama Cotton

Developer: Success
Release: TBD 1994
Published by Sunsoft and developed by Success, Panorama Cotton is an anime shooter coming soon to the SEGA Genesis. PPM previously reviewed Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams for the Turbo Duo and delivered it high marks overall for great presentation and finely animated sprite work. This upcoming Genesis title shifts the perspective to a third-person, 3-D environment like Space Harrier or Star Fox, without losing an ounce of this series' iconic cutesy charm. This cart offers smooth scaling and high-resolution sprites as well as spirited gameplay, all of which is sure to entice shooter fans all over. Plus, the Japanese launch will include a promotional teacup! Panorama Cotton has yet to be officially announced for a U.S. release, but should Sunsoft give the green-light, SEGA players will be in for a treat.

preview1    preview2 Lunar Eternal Blue

Developer: Game Arts
Release: TBD
In the January 1994 issue of PPM, we reviewed a come-from-nowhere SEGA-CD disc named Lunar: Silver Star. Game Arts with Working Designs proved with LSS that the SEGA-CD can be a welcome home for RPG fans. Now, the time has arrived for Part Two of the Lunar story to unfold. Eternal Blue is the final name given to the in-development sequel to LSS. This title will take place several generations down the line from the original tale, and brings with it novel characters, improved graphics, stylized art direction, and, of course, an entirely new adventure. The AI battling system has also been given a significant upgrade according to our contact at Game Arts. We've been told the developer is aiming for an autumn launch in Japan, and at this time is uncommitted to a U.S. release. Let's hope Working Designs is up to the task!

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