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November/December 1992

Konami - For GENESIS
TMNT Hyperstone
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Brawler | 8 MB | Dec. 1992

Heroes in a Half Shell, Turtle Power! Our four friends of the sewers leap onto the Genesis with The Hyperstone Heist, a beat-em-up brawler game reminiscent of the arcade stand-out. You can play two-player (highly recommended) and squash the baddies with one of four weapon styles as you make your way to the Technodrome to know-out the evil Shredder.

The SNES got their version of it, so why not the Genesis? This game looks to be all that and a bag of chips, with nifty visuals and music right outta the cartoon show. The developers even claim that this title has longer levels than in Turtles in Time, which easily makes this a cart to keep your eye on. Let's just hope we don't get too naseous from all of the pizza!

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Capcom - For SNES
The Magical Quest
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Platformer | 8 MB | Nov. 1992

Disney's fun-loving mascot mouse has returned with The Magical Quest, a tail-twitching adventure that takes you through crazy castles and loopy landscapes on the road to Emperor Pete. Mickey will have new abilities this time around, including magical projectiles and a supersoaker-like water sprayer. It's planned to be released for the Sega Genesis as well, but the SNES is first up this November.

The graphics seem fantastic from the presentation our editors were provided, and Disney has yet to disappoint in the sound department. We've been wondering when the next Castle of Illusion would come to grace our gaming consoles, so we have set our hopes high with this one. Don't let us down, Capcom! We'll even volunteer as tribute for Pete's Army!

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Lucasfilm - For TG16-CD
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Adventure | CD | Nov. 1992

Dispel the evil from the land as Bobbin Threadbare, a spell enchanter and champion of the mystic arts. This game is a fantasy-based graphic adventure that will take a bit of extra work to truly take advantage of. Not quite an RPG, but not quite not, Loom is as mysterious as its plot describes, but this Turbo CD version of the 1990 PC title will not disappoint.

Everything you've come to love in the Turbo CD-ROMs is here, stellar music and rich 3-D visuals gallor. Your game manual will be a pivotal asset as you learn how to construct musical draft spells and nourish Bobbin's abilities. If you're enticed but a touch intimidated, you are in good company! Our resident RPG nerds on staff are excited, though, so we'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt.

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