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November 1994

preview1-gamelogo Dragon Quest VI

Developer: Enix
Release: TBD
The Dragon Warrior franchise, or Dragon Quest as it is known overseas, has remained hidden from North American audiences since the 1990 release of Dragon Warrior IV. The fifth entry was highly celebrated upon its successful launch in Japan, selling millions of copies and challenging Square's Final Fantasy V for the SNES' top spot. As in previous iterations, the upcoming DQ VI will contain illustrations by Akira Toriyama (of Dragon Ball fame) and an authored storyline from Yuji Horii. Enix has kept much of this title under wraps, however we do know that the battle scenes have been redone in totality. Unique enemy animations will bring a touch of life to the incessant encounters. The "Heavens" series, an arc which began with IV, is said to be at an end with this newest SNES title. Let's see if Enix is ready to re-invest in the U.S. audience with a launch next year.
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preview2-gamelogo Cyber Clash

For 3DO
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Release: 1995
Crystal Dynamics, the 3DO-centric games company known for past achievements like Crash 'n Burn and Total Eclipse, is hard at work on an entirely novel project titled Cyber Clash. Within the game, players will "jack in" to the digital world, uploading their minds into a cyber-warrior. Operate this matrix fighter in a totally 3-D space, brawling with foes in a futuristic arena. Breaking reports coming from Crystal Dynamics reveal plans to shape the gameplay around vehicular combat, in which players have the ability to morph into several different forms a la Cybermorph. For now, this title is in early development, but as shown in the below screens, the graphical presentation is sure to knock your socks off. Crystal Dynamics plans for a grandiose 1995 launch, following the release of their excellent-looking gecko platformer, Gex, in the coming spring.
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preview3   The Need For Speed

For 3DO
Developer: Electronic Arts
Genre: Racing
Release: Winter 1994/5
             preview4   Samurai Shodown

Developer: JVC
Genre: Fighting
Release: February 1995
preview5 Batman and Robin

Developer: Konami
Genre: Brawler-Platformer
Release: December 1994
             preview6 SeaQuest DSV

Developer: T*HQ
Genre: Action-Adventure
Release: TBD 1995

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