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November 1995

preview1    preview1 Resident Evil

For PS-X
Developer: Capcom
Release: Spring 1996
Capcom is set on delivering its take on the horror genre with Resident Evil, a freakified spookfest in the mold of Alone in the Dark and 7th Guest. This disc takes the player through a loony haunted house teeming with danger at every turn. Use weapons of all sorts to shoot down nasties like tarantulas and zombies before they dig into your face! Capcom is not holding back on the blood and gore with RE, evident through the profuse bile and cerebral juices splattered in their preview images. Depraved gamers iching for this eye-candy should expect salvation upon this title's release early next year.

preview1    preview1 Tomb Raider

Developer: Core Design
Release: TBD 1996
Europe's well-known Core Design games studio, famed for the Chuck Rock games and a splendid library on Sega-CD, is developing a 3-D action-adventure title called Tomb Raider. Seemingly taking inspiration from Indiana Jones, Raider stars an archeologist mercenary named Lara Cruz as she journeys through a series of lifelike, polygonal environments based on ancient locales throughout the world. Lara can run, jump, and shoot her way through each dangerous cavern - and do so with 360-degree sights. Core anticipates a Sega Saturn release in the 1st Quarter of '96.


preview3 Guardian Heroes

Developer: Treasure
Genre: Brawler
Release: Winter 1996
             preview4 Super Mario RPG

Developer: Square
Genre: Role-Playing
Release: Spring 1996
preview5 Philosoma

For PS-X
Developer: G-Artists
Genre: Shooter
Release: Winter 1996
             preview6 Captain Quazar

For 3DO
Developer: Studio 3DO
Genre: Action-Shooter
Release: Winter 1996

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