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September/October 1992

Interplay - For GENESIS
Out of This World 2
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Action | TBD | TBD

Interplay and Delphine of Europe are reportedly deep in development on a sequel to the much-beloved action-platformer Out of This World. This game is set to take place immediately after the conclusion of the first title, taking the perspectives of Lester and Buddy as they traverse yet another strange and alien environment.

This graphically advanced adventure is on pace to be one of the most stunning yet seen on the Sega Genesis console, and we at PyroPlayers wonder whether this sequel will be shifted over to the Sega CD hardware. If that does turn out to be the case, expect a stellar soundtrack with CD-ROM quality sound. We do not yet have a confirmed release date, but rest assured we will report on it as soon as Interplay fills us in!


Accolade - For SNES
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Platformer | TBD | Q1 1993

He's ready for danger and will risk his life to protect the yarn balls of planet Earth! It's Bubsy: The new fuzzy mascot on the scene. Developer Accolade, known for the Amiga and DOS ports of Altered Beast and the console versions of Turrican, is planning for Bubsy: Close Encounters of the Furry Kind to rival fellow heroes Sonic and Super Mario. Whether that can be accomplished is not yet known!

Nintendo insiders who have witnessed early builds of this bobcat bonanza particularly remark on the fluidity and variety of the character animations. Accompanying supposed comfortable gameplay controls, Bubsy himself exhibits over fifteen different death animations. We hope that doesn't mean the game is too challenging. Be sure to take a peek at this new speedy platforming escapade early next year.


Nintendo - For Game Boy
Super Mario Land 2
Game Type | Game Size | Release
Platformer | TBD | Nov. 1992

Super Mario is back and now with a fresh pair of bunny ears! Nintendo's mascot returns to form on his latest adventure on the portable Game Boy system. Accessing a variety of power-ups and collecting hearts and coins along the way, it's up to the player to guide Mario across a multitude of wacky levels as he seeks to lift a dark spell over the world of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Certainly the closest thing one can get to a full-fledged Mario journey on the tiny Game Boy, Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins is sure to excite gamers of all ages. Our editors particularly enjoyed the Astronaut stages, where limited gravity allows Mario to jump 10 or 15 feet into the air! The title is scheduled to release later this month.


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