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October 1994

preview1-gamelogo Cruis'n USA

For Ultra 64
Developer: Midway
Release: 1995 JPN
Racing game fans - Get ready for a continent-spanning revolution. Cruis'n USA is a smokin' hot driving game headed straight to the arcades this fall. Unlike your typical racing titles, Cruis'n allows players to race across a swathe of major roads across the country. We're talking 14 actual true-to-life roadways, recreated in full-motion animation with stunning realism. Developers over at Williams spent years capturing video footage of these highways and turnpikes to ensure this racer would deliver a true American experience. Vehicles are rendered with polygonal 3-D imagery, not disguised sprite graphics, and multiple perspectives allow you to switch to a behind-the-wheel view. Pick one of four distinct cars with each having their own advantages and characteristics, such as a '63 Corvette or a '91 Testarossa. Best of all, after having conquered the arcade landscape, Cruis'n is set to be one of the first Ultra 64 games available at launch!
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preview2-gamelogo Star Wars Arcade

For 32X
Developer: SEGA
Release: Winter 1994/5
As the days crawl ever closer to the release of Sega's 32-Bit power-up, more details have been unearthed regarding this platform and one of its star players: Star Wars Arcade. Sega proudly considers its 32X an entirely new system capable of dramatically enhancing the abilities of both the Genesis and Sega-CD. Star Wars, an arcade game reprogrammed by LucasArts for the 32X, jams players straight into the pilot's seat of a Rebel starship on the eve of war with the Empire. The space simulator will feature spiffy polygon-based graphics and textured backgrounds to drive-in the atmosphere of a galaxy far, far away. Fly your X-wing fighter to intercept enemy ships and engage the Death Star itself as Luke accomplished in the original film. Developers hope to see Star Wars leading the pack as a robust system-seller, alongside a faithful adaptation of Doom. Expect tons more coverage of the exciting new add-on device when the 32X officially launches in the U.S. next month.
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preview3   Corpse Killer

Developer: Digital Pictures
Genre: FMV-Shooter
Release: Autumn 1994
             preview4   Ghoul Patrol

Developer: JVC
Genre: Action-Shooter
Release: Winter 1994/5
preview5 Ruin Arm

Developer: Bandai
Genre: Role-Playing Game
Release: TBD 1995
             preview6 Alien Soldier

Developer: Treasure
Genre: Action-Platformer
Release: TBD 1995

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