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October 1995

preview2-gamelogo Arc The Lad

For PS-X
Developer: G-Craft
Release: JPN June 1995 / US TBD
G-Craft, the team in charge of Square Soft's Front Mission tactics game, completed the first-ever RPG for the Sony PlayStation. Arc the Lad is out now in Japan, with no North American release date yet established (Feel free to write to SCE!) This ambitious project not only overshadows 16-Bit RPGs with hand-drawn graphics, but it includes a fully, beautifully orchestrated soundtrack and an rather unique and innovative battle system.

preview2-gamelogo Beyond The Beyond

For PS-X
Developer: Camelot Software
Release: JPN November 1995 / US TBD 1996
This role-playing game is currently in the programming stage and is set to become the second such RPG on the PlayStation. Beyond the Beyond is being developed by Camelot, a new company formed by veterans of the Shining Force teams of yore. This title is a straightforward, turn-based role-player with a graphically impressive combat system. Fight scenes allow for a 360-degree rotating vantage point to give players striking displays of spells and swordplay.

preview3-gamelogo Shining Wisdom

Developer: Sega
Release: JPN August 1995 / US TBD 1996
Sonic Software Planning's first Saturn offering is Shining Wisdom. This overhead action-RPG features fully rendered characters and spectacular animation. The main character, Marrus, will have the ability to morph into animals and gain elemental powers. Marrus will be aided by brilliant magic attacks, destructive bombs, and a neat-o flying helmet. Fans of the Zelda: A Link to the Past are sure to enjoy this Saturn title upon availability. We hope to see a U.S. release sometime next year.

preview3-gamelogo Magic Knight Rayearth

Developer: Sega
Release: JPN August 1995 / US TBD
Based on a popular Japanese manga and anime series, Magic Knight Rayearth is an awesome action-adventure in the same vein as Secret of Mana. This game is looking promising, with swell animation and a colorful cast of leading heroines. You control all three characters at once, swapping when necessary to make it through each overworld puzzle. The full-screen cinemas are splendid, too! This seems like the perfect candidate for Working Designs to translate now that Lunar: Eternal Blue is complete.

preview1-gamelogo Secret of Mana 2

Developer: Square
Release: JPN September 1995 / US TBD 1995
The much-awaited sequel to Square's beloved Secret of Mana, or Seiken Densetsu 2 as it is known in Japan, has just hit store shelves overseas. It will reportedly be built on the formula of the original, with a playing area four times larger than the original, as well as six playable characters to choose from. Also expect an all-new day-to-night system with changeable encounters, and a refreshed battle system. Square promises a U.S. release later this year. Our team will keep you up to date.

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