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preview1    preview2 Sonic CD

Developer: Sega
Release: Autumn 1993
We finally secured some additional news concerning the highly anticipated Sonic CD for SEGA-CD consoles. The game was delayed last year to allow the programmers more time in making this title the best it could be, which does raise our expectations quite a bit. Here's what we know. This Sonic title will feature Sonic flying solo. That means no Tails, and presumably no 2-player mode. Bummer! But wait, due to the glorious CD technology available on the new hardware, this third iteration of blue hedgehog is sure to include some excellent quality music and sound. Sega has also shown off some animation played at the start of the game, and it far surpasses mediocre animatics in games like Time Gal. We're told this is the fastest Sonic has ever been. No argument, there. We just hope the game is chocked full of levels to speed through! More news soon.

preview3    preview4 Rebel Assault

Developer: LucasArts
Release: November 1993
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Sega gamers anxiously awaited news of a Star Wars title available for them on their Genesis systems. Well, wait no longer!... O.K. a little bit longer. LucasArts is hard at work developing a 3-D style space shooter based on the Star Wars license. PPM investigators discovered that multiple mission types will be available in this title, putting the player in the front seat of a rebel X-Wing Fighter as well as on-foot. The graphics we've seen thus far are nothing less than breathtaking, but graphics aren't everything. Even the sharpest, cleanest looking games are merely hollow eye-candy if the gameplay isn't there. It's too early to tell on that front, but if it's anything like Star Fox or Silpheed, this one could very well be leaps and bounds beyond the simplicity of Super Star Wars.

preview5    preview6 The Journey Home

Developer: Wolf Team
Release: October 1993
At last, North American audiences may get a peek at a title previously reserved exclusively for Japanese games players. Wolf Team released Neugier back in March, but only in Japan. This cart proved to win commendable scores from JPN outlets and reviewers, and now it seems Wolf Team is planning to bring that game here under the a new localized name: The Journey Home: Quest For The Throne. Better, definitely better. Journey is an action role-playing game much like Zelda, complete with dungeon crawling and sword slashing combat, yet with a hint of added Bionic Commando flavoring. This cart has a spectacular musical composition that plays alongside your epic quest to conquer a legendary evil, and its graphics are solid for a 8-Meg cartridge game (check out that pirate ship!... not enough games have pirate ships.) We expect an autumn release, around mid-October.

preview7    preview8 Phantasy Star IV

Developer: Sega
Release: TBD 1994
A fourth entry in the Phantasy Star series? But how, you say, could anything top the engaging story of II or the epic, multi-generation tale of III? The folks over at Sega HQ are determined to make IV the best of them all. You will start the newest game with two main characters: Rudy and Leila, a couple of young heroes set out to crush the threatening Bio-Monsters ensnaring Motavia. The creators of PSIV have explained to our PPM investigators that their mission is to make a game three times as large as II with many more locations, items, and spells. They have also addressed the major criticism of PSIII by returning to a more traditional combat screen - cue sighs of relief from all RPG fans. All looks fantastic from our POV. Now we just need it in our hands to review the sucker! Only a few more months until its presumed 1994 completion.

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