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September/October 1993

preview7    preview8 3DO Games

For 3DO
Developer: Various
Release: Oct. 1993 - Q1 1994
Most tites set for release on the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer are in mid-development as of this issue, but we just can't wait any longer and decided to share what we can about the games we witnessed at CES. 10-15 titles will be available at launch for the console, including two flagship 3DO titles, but a slew of developers from Electronic Arts to Activision are in their labs brewing even more goodies. John Madden Football from EA is on the way with CD-quality audio, as well as a photorealistic version of Road Rash. MCA, Park Place, Spectrum, and others presented incredible trailers at the show, but Crystal Dynamics went above and beyond. Pictured are two unbelievable shots from CD's Total Eclipse, an eye-popping space shooter with three dimensions of movement and a killer musical score. Crash 'n Burn, a 3-D racing game, likewise shows off the technical prowess of the 3DO and its ability to render realistic envinronments, textures, and lighting like we've never seen before. More information to come as we near the autumn release date. Just between us, we've heard stores may be receiving shipments as early as October 4th!

preview5    preview6 Mega Man X

Developer: Capcom
Release: December 1993
Franchise evolution from NES to SNES comes with high expectations. Mario was made a bit more Super, and rescuing Zelda took us through a whole new world. It's been a long time coming, but it seems the tried-and-true Blue Bomber will be showing up on SNES consoles very soon! We're pleased to say, following reports from CES and the personal correspondence of our team, Mega Man X is next level stuff. Capcom's 16-bit introduction of its flagship NES series follows the titular hero through a multitude of hectic, zany stages on the road to Dr. Wily's castle. The player will meet a whole new cast of villainous robots, and just like always Mega Man will accumulate power-ups from his fallen foes! Capcom has kept a lid on the finer gameplay and storyline details for now, but rest assured this cart will be a keeper.

preview7    preview8 Eternal Champions

Developer: Sega
Release: November 1993
Taking full advantage of its premier 6-button controller, Sega is in the final stages of development of Eternal Champions, an exclusive 24-Meg fighter for the Genesis. A god-like creature has assembled nearly a dozen deceased masters of combat together in a grand tournament, to either fight or to die. The cast is exotic and diverse, composed of former criminals, kickboxers, bounty hunters, and assassins. All fighters come with their own special moves and weapons. In a gaming landscape increasingly made up of so-called Street Fighter Copycats (*ahem* plagiarists *ahem*), we were overjoyed to learn from Sega at CES that this game also takes inspiration from Mortal Kombat, introducing fatalities to the mix. This title includes a Speed Mode for accelerated gameplay, and, naturally, options for two-player matchups.

preview7    preview8 TMNT Tournament

Developer: Konami
Release: December 1993
Feeling a little left out of the action, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo have set up their own tournament fighter in the same style as Street Fighter II - with some help from the good folks at Konami, of course! The turtles are joined by their greatest nemeses including Shredder in an all-out brawl. Each character comes with his or her own unique library of moves and special attacks, meaning it's up to the player to learn the hidden techniques of their chosen comrade to take down the competition. This cart will be releasing for both SNES and Genesis. On Genesis, travel through Dimension X to rescue Splinter from a host of angry clones. In the SNES version, embark on a coast-to-coast journey to save your friends from Karai, the leader of the Foot Clan. Both versions look well crafted (Especially on SNES! -Jet). More, please, Konami!

preview7    preview8 Disney's Aladdin

Developer: Virgin Games
Release: October 1993
Virgin's Aladdin may be a "Whole New World" for Disney video games! Developed by a team of Disney animators, this cart features beautiful hand-drawn characters and vibrant environments straight out of last year's flick. The platforming gameplay, thrilling and a touch tricky as the levels go on, is accompanied by the film's score and award-winning soundtrack. More so than other ambitious projects based on theatrical Disney entries, what we've seen from Virgin at CES overshadows its lesser siblings currently available on home consoles. Our team was further smitten by the game's clever use of shooter-like bombs which serve to eliminate all the enemies on-screen - a lifesaver, surely, in certain situations. Aladdin will launch this October in North America. Capcom is also working on an Aladdin title, although that one will be exclusive to the SNES.

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