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September 1994

preview1    preview1 Sonic & Knuckles

Developer: SEGA
Release: October 1994
Sega swore by the moon and the stars in the sky that Sonic would reappear on the Genesis before the year's end, and they intend to make good on that promise! Our spiny blue speed demon is back with a new accomplice: Knuckles the Echidna. What is an echidna you may ask? Apparently, it's some sort of floaty, red porcupine. Sonic and Knuckles is the upcoming add-on cartridge made to plug in-between Sonic 3 and your Sega Genesis. Once active, this upgrade will add-in a plethora of levels and features thus far unseen in the third entry to the Sonic series. Play as Knuckles and soar through the skies with his amazing gliding skills or climb up walls to hidden areas never before uncovered. New items will appear throughout the stages too, such as a metal crank to help Sonic traverse ledges, and a float-enabling umbrella. Oh, and it will function with Sonic 2!

preview2    preview8 Sparkster

Developer: Konami
Release: October 1994
Sparkster, the tricky hero known best for Rocket Knight Adventures, finally returns for a second outing! This sequel will launch off right where the original ended, with a somewhat wiser Sparkster ready for a new blast of combat. Konami plans to release this title for both Super NES and Genesis, thankfully granting Nintendo owners the same kind of adventure once reserved only for Sega players. It will feature action-packed gameplay complete with rocket-boosts and sword spins. Prepare for a whole bunch of radical special effects as well, like those amazing water reflections found in Bloodlines. The enhancements will surely blow the original Rocket Knight out of the water. Konami has upped their gambit on Sparkster from a one-time possum to a definitive mascot character with a bright future. Expect terrific tail-swinging exploits one by October's end.

preview5    preview6 Rayman

Developer: UbiSoft
Release: November 1994
Meet Rayman! This is an upcoming action-platformer headed exclusively to the Jag sometime around Thanksgiving. When 10-year-old Jimmy enters a world created entirely within his home computer, a land called "Hereitscool," he transforms into a super heroic being named Rayman. Charged-up with mighty powers, Rayman must contend with an evil power which has invaded his computerized home and save his friends from eternal suffering. Our team witnessed this cart briefly at the Chicago CES, and we can testify to UbiSoft's programming prowess. Rayman moves at 25 frames-per-second and utilizes over 16 million colors to present an utterly brilliant picture for the next generation of games. The demonstration cart had perfect play control, a spectacular sign given the recent misses on that front, and gorgeous graphics to boot. We look forward to seeing more soon!


preview4   Live A Live

Developer: Square
Genre: Role-Playing Game
Release: TBD
             preview5   Popful Mail

Developer: Working Designs
Genre: Side-Scrolling RPG
Release: TBD 1994
preview6 Paladin's Quest 2

Developer: Enix
Genre: Role-Playing Game
Release: TBD 1994
             preview7 Pataank

For 3DO
Developer: PF Magic
Genre: 3-D Pinball
Release: TBD 1994

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