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September 1995

preview2-gamelogo Twisted Metal

For PS-X
Developer: Sony Imagesoft
Release: November 1995
Looking for mayhem and carnage on a scale suitable for 32-Bit technology? In the distant future, a dangerous madman named Calypso ushers in a contest on the mean streets of L.A. To win, one must annihilate all other competitors. Twisted Metal is a game set within a ginormous, fully 3-D demolition derby, jam-packed with varying vehicle types to blast apart all others. Players will use custom weapons from guns and missiles to oil slicks and mines to get the job done. Prepare to show no mercy when Sony Imagesoft's hair-raising title hits store shelves in November.
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preview3-gamelogo Golden Axe: The Duel

Developer: Sega
Release: Early 1996
Revitalizing one of their fan-favorite franchises for the next era of gaming, Sega is set to bring forth Golden Axe: The Duel on Saturn. The arcade fighter, modeled closely after SF II, features brutal one-on-one combat with the goal of knocking out your opponent. A zoom feature will also enlarge the screen as the fighters engage in close combat. An assortment of playable characters will be at the ready, including the legendary axe wielding Gillius Rockhead. Get set for Sega's spin on an old formula when this game launches early next year in North America.
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preview3 Rayman

For 32X
Developer: Ubi Soft
Genre: Action-Platformer
Release: Winter 1995
             preview4 Vectorman

Developer: Sega
Genre: Action-Platformer
Release: October 1995
preview5 Lobo

Developer: Ocean
Genre: Fighter
Release: Early 1996
             preview6 Solar Eclipse

Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Genre: 3-D Shooter
Release: November 1995

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