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DeveloperCrystal Dynamics
# of Players1 Player
ChallengeEasy to Intermediate
Age RatingAll Players
AvailableApril 1995

On first glance, players may groan at the familiarity of a platformer game starring a hyperactive, wise-cracking mascot, but Gex appears to have gotten right everything which Bubsy had wrong. The eponymous hero, Gex the Gecko, is a mean, green lizard, lost in a strange land called the Media Dimension. The only way out is by destroying television sets and taking down robitic overlord Rez Zul. Starting with the obvious, our team was enthralled by the superb, realistic graphics in Gex that accompanies its gameplay. Gex himself is exceptionally animated with tons of character. Over 450 frames of animation have been crafted on SGI computers exclusively for this gecko.

Gex plays nearly perfectly. Its platforming is loads of fun thanks to this reptile's sticky tongue. Using it, players will be able to leap up to surfaces normally unreachable. His thrashing tail serves as a main weapon, but with a special power-up, Gex can even spit out fire and ice. A touch of slowdown does, regrettably, plague this title, but it survives on perfect control, nonetheless. HBO star Dana Gould voices the title creature, delivering a ton of entertaining one-liners with his twisted sense of humor. The voice clips, as well as the overall sound quality and score, are well-done. It may not quite be 3DO's Donkey Kong Country, but it is one of our new system favorites.

Printed in Issue #24, April 1995

 GAMEPLAY: Very Good
 GRAPHICS: Excellent
 SOUND: Very Good
JET'S REMARK: Knowing the risky business associated with hype and long development cycles, we worried whether Gex could manage to meet expectations. In the case of Gex, it certainly has.

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Sporting killer gameplay, an amusing protagonist, and shiny new graphics courtesy of high-end computers, Gex delivers an above-average platforming experience that all 3DO owners will enjoy.

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