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Chrono Trigger

PlatformSuper Nintendo
# of Players1 Player
Age RatingAll Players
AvailableAugust 1995

Square's Chrono Trigger is the latest RPG from the studio responsible for Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana. How does this new entry measure up compared to the magnificent FF3, one may ask? Chrono manages to combine some of the greatest aspects of Square RPGs to create something entirely new. It uses an interface similar to FF, utilizes bright and lively graphics in the mold of Mana, and relies on an action-based battle system for enemy encounters. To begin, there is much to celebrate in regard to the fighting scenes. Battles are super-fast with a ton of cool attacks to pick from, including combo moves. Strategy is an absolute must to excel with CT combat.

The epic plot behind Chrono Trigger likewise encapsulates the masterful tonal shifts, intense emotional moments, and game-spanning dramatics which helped FF3 win the PPM Game of the Year for 1994. Each character is well-developed with their own backstories and prominent personas. The time-traveling mechanic, which aside from being flippin' awesome in and of itself, is integral to the plot, too. On the negative end, some plotlines, at least in our view, are nowhere near as strong as Square's best work, and we found the bosses (designs and boss fights) totally weak. CT's orchestral soundtrack is worthy of commendation, too. Lots of variety we'd love to see on CD.

Printed in Issue #28, August 1995

 GAMEPLAY: Excellent
 GRAPHICS: Very Good
 SOUND: Very Good
JET'S REMARK: Dear die-hard RPG fans, this here is the title you should ask for on Christmas. Before you sell your SNES to buy a 32-Bit console, consider Chrono.

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Chrono Trigger is another home run for Square. Showcasing a spectacular mix of great story, combat, music, and adventuring, this is one cart no Nintendo fan should go without.

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