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Panzer Dragoon

Category3-D Shooter
# of Players1 Player
Age RatingAll Players
AvailableMay 1995

Novel technological showpieces all but require an attention-catching icon to attract the mass market. Super Mario Bros. served as this showpiece for the NES. We dare to say Panzer Dragoon may be that icon for the Saturn. Players will be hooked from the opening cinematic intro sequence, which introduces an engrossing storyline regarding the mythical Blue Dragon and the frightful Dark Dragon. Astride a magnificent flying beast, the rider must soar into battle and blast their way to the end of each level. Use either a standard laser shot or homing attack, accompanied by square-shaped crosshairs, to seek out baddies and zap them. The homing device allows for simultaneous targeting with up to eight enemies at once. Quick-fire fans will prefer the gunner.

Gain a wider perspective on life by swapping flightviews from left to right, as well as behind-the-tail. Like Star Fox, your flight path is pre-determined. Blasting apart the wide variety of foes while dodging fire may sound easy, but it will take work to get the hang of it. No power-ups means a serious challenge! Panzer likewise shines brilliantly on the graphical front. These 3-D models showcase wonderous, Saturn-rific eye candy for games players. Smooth and lifelike dragon movements and ingenious environments make this a rock-star in terms of visuals. Gamers looking for a stunning representation of 32-Bit tech at work ought to try this one for a spin.

Printed in Issue #28, August 1995

 GAMEPLAY: Excellent
 GRAPHICS: Excellent
 SOUND: Very Good
JET'S REMARK: Forget about the pitiful NovaStorm FMV shooters, this is truly what the new era of shooters has to offer. You can interact with the scenery as if it's actual, physical material! Imagine that!

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Our top pick for the Saturn in its premier period is undoubtedly Panzer Dragoon, an epic and atmospheric adventure atop superbly textured dragons. Look out, it can be deadly difficult.

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