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Star Wars Arcade

PlatformSega 32X
DeveloperLucasArts, Sega
Category3-D Shooter
# of Players1-2 Players
Age RatingAll Players

Climb into the cockpit of an X-Wing Fighter and embark on a mission to defeat the evil Empire in Star Wars Arcade, an exhilarating translation of the recent arcade cab. Brought to the Genesis 32X by LucasArts and Sega, this 3-D shooter features polygonal graphics, textured environments, and a series of interstellar adventures in the deep depths of space. Fans of the original coin-op will fall in love with this cart. Overall, it presents the same look and feel as the original without sacrificing much style-wise - an unthinkable task for the standalone Genesis. The theme song is taken straight from the film, as are the spectacular sound-FX. Elsewise, the music lacks much spirit.

The gameplay embedded in this cart is nothing too revolutionary. Fly around the blanket of darkness shooting up huge interceptors and careening TIE fighters. The second stage will have players spar against a Star Destroyer, and finally, the dreaded Death Star. The challenge level here can get crazy in later levels, especially on the trench run when turrets seem to shoot up without warning. It will require some keen memorization to nail this down. A special 32X Mode is added to the mix, however we were bummed to discover the only real additions were some asteroid shooting stages and the option to play as the far-slower, albeit beefier, Y-Wing.

Printed in Issue #21, January 1995

 GRAPHICS: Very Good
 SOUND: Mostly Good
JET'S REMARK: I would have appreciated a bit of gameplay diversity. Blowing up TIE fighters one-after-another can get boring. Still leagues better than Rebel Assault.

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Sega delivers a fine outing for the Star Wars license and leads the crop of early 32X games. It will be addictive for some, but may be a bit dull for others. Expect high difficulty as you play on.

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