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PlatformSuper Nintendo
# of Players1 Player
Age RatingAll Players
AvailableJune 1995

Coming in red hot to fulfill our wish for a hard-hitting cart is Hagane: The Final Conflict, developed by CAProduction in partnership with Hudson Soft. This ninja-fest scratched an itch most SNES players have had for years: A souped-up Japanese side-scroller with, as its ad purports, "thumb print removing action adventure." Looking and playing like a mix of Shinobi and Turrican, Hagane tells the tale of a ninja clan brought back from the brink to exact revenge against the evil Koma clan. Your cybernetic hero uses scythe-like swords, whips, and shuriken throwing-stars to take out all sorts of baddies. A grappling tool enables your lone warrior to leap chasms, too.

Hagane's six stages, each with four sub-levels, are a delightful romp with plenty to feast your eyes on. The graphics here are suitably dark, well-detailed and shaded. Offloading your mini arrows against the dense backdrop of a futuristic Japanese city is splendid fun. Play control is programmed very well, and the challenge factor is unmistakable. Be warned, this cart may be one of the toughest out there for SNES. The music is modern with some Edo-era overtones. Generalized comparisons are bound to occur with similar games out on the market, but although Hagane delivers nothing novel, tradition can be a positive attribute as well. Grab your dragon sword!

Printed in Issue #26, June 1995

 GAMEPLAY: Excellent
 GRAPHICS: Very Good
 SOUND: Mostly Good
JET'S REMARK: The toughness factor cannot be overstated. Enemies regenerate constantly and there are no checkpoints. You must be strategic with every move, keeping in mind the ticking timer.

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Generally a well-crafted ninja platformer, Hagane gives players tons of tools for varied gameplay alongside a cyber-rich setting. Succeeding will take practice, but the reward is worth it.

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