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Crusader of Centy

PlatformSega Genesis
# of Players1 Player
Age RatingAll Players
AvailableMarch 1995

Sega continues rolling out a swarm of role-playing titles onto its systems. It may have taken years to respond properly to Nintendo's Zelda III, but the wait is most undeniably worth it. Crusader of Centy is an Atlas-published Genesis game known overseas as Ragnacenty. As we suggested, this game plays remarkably like the SNES mirror-image in nearly every way, including the plot. On his 14th birthday, a young hero named Corona is gifted a sword and shield that once belonged to his late father. Now Link - er, Corona - must explore the lands, solve an assortment of mysteries, and defeat a terrifying evil force set on bringing the world to utter chaos.

In Crusader, Sega players will finally find out what they've been missing out on. The Zelda formula is beloved for good reason. Enjoy solid action-RPG elements and fun combat, as well as an added animal-centric ability feature. Join with a dog to swing your sword extra fast or recruit a rabbit from a mountaintop to learn the power of jumping. Nextech implemented all the best graphical flourishes into this sugary-sweet gem, like warping clouds and dynamic shadows, as well as an above-average soundtrack. Our main issue was just how quick this adventure flew by. Experienced players will have this completed in a cinch. It's a strong addition to the Genesis nonetheless.

Printed in Issue #23, March 1995

 GAMEPLAY: Very Good
 GRAPHICS: Mostly Good
 SOUND: Mostly Good
JET'S REMARK: Be on the lookout for Apples of Life: Power-ups that increase your maximum HP. One is for sale in Soleil Town Plaza, and another is hidden on the Hot Daisy lava bridge.

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Though its frequent comparisons to Zelda is bound to happen, Crusader brings a ton to the table. Its focus on fun and adventure over spectacle is appealing to see. Great for newbies, too.

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