The Information Super Highway

"Surfing the Net"     "Plugging In"     "Download"

If you're familiar with this terminology, you may in fact be techno literate! Nowdays, it's becoming increasingly common for average folks to jack-in and acclimate to cyberspace. Face-to-face communication is a thing of the past thanks to streamlined digital browsing capabilities. With a click of a mouse, anyone can join in a chatroom, navigate a message board, or check out websites like this one. Current stats have the total number of net-techs up to 10 million!

But what exactly IS the internet? In layman's terms, it's a globally-spanning network of computers. The connectedness is what allows us to use the World Wide Web via browsers like Netscape. Cyber voyagers like you and I can log on as we please, spending our leisure time gaping mouth-open at the glowing screen in front of us! Be careful not to go too brain-dead, fellow Players.

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A Cyber Journalist Hard at Work      The Internet is Just a Click Away!

Today we have an endless sea of web pages to browse and explore, with topics from news and politics to wind surfing and food nutrition. Net users post web comics, make lists of jokes, and even set up tutorials for computer building! We have fan sites for pop culture like Star Wars and Superman and, yes, Super Mario too. There's a community for everyone out there, and now you don't even need to leave the comfort of your computer chair. Go beyond your core interest as well - take a dive and see what you find!

The technology remains new to us in 1995, so who knows where it may lead to 10 or 20 years down the road? Dave is praying for virtual reality - a world of electronic space helmets and 3-D worlds, while Kris is looking for easily accessible full-motion video download capabilities. Wherever it may lead us, that Information Super Highway is bound to be a trip for years to come.

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