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Welcome to "Tips N' Cheats" now under new management. MY management! That's right, fellow tech heads. It's Nam Rood here, poised and ready to deliver to you some complete solutions to a variety of top games. You'll no doubt be pleased to know that is my section of the web, so you can forget about finding anyone else but me, here. Stuck on level one of the easiest game of the planet, are you? Or maybe you're still pathetically holding on to that NES cart hoping for a clue. Don't despair, that's why I'm here.


Sega Saturn
Sony PlayStation
In The Hunt

Still finding those 2-D platforming games too hard. Lucky for you sorry lot, I've got a few cheats to help you along. In Astal on the Saturn, whenever you find yourself nearing death, simply pause the action and quickly press Down, R, Up, L, X, A, Y, B, Z, C, Right, and Left. This instantly refills your health meter. Not easy enough for you? Very well, then. Instead, pause and punch in Up, Y, Left, A, Down, B, Right, C. Now, your hero is totally invincible and will last the full game without taking a single hit!


All hands on deck! For that cheeky, submarine-themed side-scroller In The Hunt, I've dug up some chunks of info to calm those dangerous seas. First up, if you've used up your final continue, press and hold Triangle and Select, then with both held down hit Start. This awards you five fresh continues, hey! Next, for the impatient type, try out this level skip code. Highlight Start on the title screen, hold Up and Left on the directional pad and press Circle. A stage-select screen will pop up allowing for an instant warp!

Sega Saturn
Guardian Heroes
Super Nintendo
Donkey Kong Country 2

Appearances are very important, my dear furtlers. They say it says something about you. Mine tells the world I'm a trendy guy! In games, appearances can make all the difference as well. In Guardian Heroes, for example, you can use this cheat to unlock the appearance of all 45 fighters! Just select Option Mode and press A, C, and Y at the same time. Now, go to Debug and select On. When you head over to Versus mode, you'll now see a full roster making an appearance, even enemies you've defeated in the main game!


Monkey see, monkey do. See this cheat and try it, too! Pick an empty save space on the opening menu of DKC 2, then when you have "Two Player Contest" highlighted, press Down five times. This unlocks the Music Test to hear all the tunes from the cart. Great! But wait, here's the good part. Press Down five more times when you've uncovered the Music Test to open up a super secret Cheat Mode! With this highlighted, punch in Y, A, Select, A, Down, Left, A, and Down to begin with 50 lives! Get to it, then!

Sony PlayStation
Sega Saturn
Darius Gaiden

If blood n' gore is your thing, look no further than the gruesome glory of PlayStation's Loaded. While skeeving through bloodied hallways, try out these cheats for useful upgrades. Press Start to access the menu, then press and hold L1 and L2 for a few seconds. Next enter Down, Right, Circle, Left, Right, and Circle. Now, you can press any face button for an ammo increase! Or, after the L1 and L2 trick, hit Right, Right, Lrgt, Down, Down, Up, Triangle, and Circle for a health boost!


Loads of wet and wild games around lately, eh? Sink or Swim, In The Hunt, and now this fishy shoot 'em up on the Saturn. It turns out Darius Gaiden has a handful of cheeky, hidden options up its sleeve. At the starting screen, press and hold the X button. Then, press Z, C, L, B, Left, R, and L to unlock "Very Easy" and "Abnormal Mode". Nice and all, but the real treat is Continuous Shooting mode. In-game, hold B and press Y, Right, Left, X, Z, L, and R!

Sega Saturn
Virtua Fighter 2
Sony PlayStation

Saturn is playing host to one of the most technically advanced fighting games on Planet Earth. I'm speaking of Virtua Fighter 2, of course. Here's a cheat to unlock access to the secret boss: Dural. On the player select screen, all you have to do is highlight Akira and press Down, Up, Right, then A and Left at the same time. Or, for a special gold-colored version, try Down, Up, Left, A and Right. See, that was easy! Let's see who's the boss now, Tony Danza!


Right, it's hard to run out of compliments for the ace shooter Doom. It's mega amazing, stupendous - er, you get the idea. Now, here's a handy tip to jump over to any stage in the PlayStation version. Pause the game whenever you'd like and punch in Right, Left, R2, R1, Triangle, L1, Circle, and then X. When the "Warp to Level" thing shows up, you can hit right or left to change the stage number and warp right over at your whim! How mega amazing, stupendous, etc, etc.!

Sony PlayStation
Mortal Kombat 3
Sega Saturn
Panzer Dragoon

Hello, Furtlers. Yes, yes, I know you all can't stop crying on about the cheats you want for Mortal Kombat 3. Right, well, to prove to you I'm not such a tosser, I'll share the one secret you've all been clamoring on about. As the game loads up and you see Rayden press Triangle, Square, Circle, X, L1, L2, and Start. Now, when you see "Kombat", press Up to see a question mark. Click X and the Cheat Menu appears! Try out unlimited fatality time!


Here's a handy unlockable for the amazing Panzer Dragoon on the Saturn. With a flick of the wrist, you can free up your dragon to effortlessly roll away from danger at your beckon call. At the options menu, rotate the directional pad clockwise a few times. When the words "Rolling Mode" appear on the screen, you've done it right! Then, when you're in a game, tap the D-pad a couple times toward one of the corners, and the dragon will start-a-rolling!

Super NES
Killer Instinct
Sega Saturn

The portover of Rare's lovely gore-fest, Killer Instinct, is not without its faults. But, hey, it's good ol' fashioned blood n' guts. Here's a few tricks to change-up the fight. To pull off much easier combo breakers, press Down and Start on the Vs. Screen simultaneously. Or, to unlock Turbo Mode, on the Vs. Screen hold Right and press all three punch buttons at the same time! Speed-hungry daredevils can try Super Turbo by holding Left in this same process.


Y'know, I had a pet bug once. His name was Harold the Flea, and his acrobatic ability was award-winning! Harold's got nothing on the green grasshopper fellow from Bug! on Saturn, though. If you lot love this 3-D game as much as I do, try this cheat for unlimited continues. Complete the first act in full, then when you die and the screen says "Press Start," hold the Right button and hit Start. Then, do it once again. Infinite restarts! Ah, Harold would have loved Bug!

Sega Saturn
Daytona USA
Sega Saturn
Clockwork Knight

So, you've picked up a Saturn but are already bored with its teensy selection of 32-Bit games, are you? No need to fear, furtlers! Try out this handy cheat for Daytona USA to extend the fun a bit more! After you've already won first place in the Beginner, Advanced, and Expert tracks in Saturn Mode, go to the mission select screen and scroll through the cars until you see "Horse". Now you can race a fully-automatic horse on the racetrack, fully equipped!


Those of you who need a touch of help with the 3-D platform game Clockwork Knight, well, first-off that's truly sad. As for these tricks themselves, they will surely help even the sorriest of you lot. On the title screen, press Left, Up, Right, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, and the R button. This unlocks the nifty stage select menu to skip past whole chunks of the game or even skip to the end. The final stage is called "Last Boss," if that weren't obvious.

Sega Genesis
Virtua Racing
Sega Genesis
Golden Axe II

Hello, slimy furtlers. Here's a backwards cheat for Virtua Racing on the Mega Drive (or, Genesis to you Americans). On the intro screen, hold down A, B, and Up. Then when you press Start, an extra box will appear on the Mode Select screen with the words "Virtua Racing" reversed. Just select that box and - 3, 2, 1 - look at that! You can race around all the tracks backwards, like a whole new game! Talk about a reversal of fortunes!


Who has time for playing through these scroty games, anyway? Now, this is a level skipping cheat for Golden Axe II. When the intro/demo screen is running, hold down A, B, and C. Then, press Start. Next, move down to options and tap B and C. Then, you move down to Exit, and press B four times. Your level number will now appear in the center of the screen and you can choose which ever one you like! Press Start, and away we go!

Sega CD
Shining Force CD
Tempest 2000

I'm not usually one for RPGs. They go by dreadfully slow and leave me dreaming for some fast action. To help fix that mess, here's a tip that boosts the speed of Shining Force on the Mega CD. On the title screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, B, and then hold Start, A, and C together. Keep the buttons held down until the menu appears. Pick a name, then quickly hold Start, A, and C. That turbo speed should wake up even the sleepiest player.


Ah, the lovely days wasting away in front Tempest. No need for dodgy arcades any longer - at least not if you own a Jaguar. Try this tasty trick on Tempest 2000 to turn the cheat mode on. On the main menu, select 1, 4, 7, and A at the same time. You'll hear a tone sing out if the code was entered properly. Next, press Option and you can skip past the levels! Go ahead and press 6 to enable the warp bonus round! Not bad!