Super Nintendo
SEGA Genesis

Konami's cyber-mech hit is loads of fun, but it can get very difficult, very fast! To make things a bit easier, press and hold Down, Up, L & R on the title screen. Then press Start. Now keep those buttons held down and press Start once more. Go ahead and enter a new game, and you'll find 6 bonus credits to continue playing and avoid that crushing Game Over screen! No signs of an invincibility cheat, but we'll try to uncover some more secrets!


It's always a treat when platform games let you enter in a code to resume where you left off. Unfortunately X-Men is lacking in that area. Rest assured, there is a secret Stage Select screen! Press and hold Down, A, and C as the game boots up. At the title screen, press Start, switch your controller to port 2, and hit Start again. Now back to port 1, and press Start. In the control room press Down on the panel you wish to warp to and then jump!

Super Nintendo
Batman Returns
Wonder Dog

The Dark Knight may take one too many punches while protecting the streets of Gotham on Super NES. For a little pick-me-up to assist in stopping the perilous Penguin, try out these top secret codes. To start the game with a max total of 9 Lives, go to the Options screen and on the 2-Player gamepad press the following: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Or for 9 Continues, hit: Up, X, Left, Y, Down, B, Right, A, Up, X.


The JVC port of Wonder Dog is a fun lil' adventure for younger gamers, but some may still find parts of the game too challenging - or, maybe you just wanna skip ahead! On the title screen, scroll down to "PASSWORD". Then, enter in any one of the following passcodes to transport you to the appropriate level. Level 2: "Mystic". Level 3: "Ankles". Level 4: "Ledzep". Level 5: "Reeves". Level 6: "Pixies". Level 7/Final: "Woopie".

Super Nintendo
Super Star Wars

SEGA Genesis
Ecco The Dolphin

JVC's vision of the George Lucas space epic has a few secret tidbits you oughtta know about. There is a hidden Sound Test within the game that may be accessed by holding down A, B, X, and Y, then pressing Start. But enough with the boring stuff. These will help you win the game faster! For Extra Continues, on the title screen press X, B, B, A, Y. OR for an unlimited Light Saber cheat, press Y, Y, X, X, A, B, X, A, then Start! You'll hear a chime to confirm it's done right. Get blastin' those womp rats!


If you have found this gem a tad difficult and would like a smidge of cheat-y assistance, look no further. When you begin the game, guide Ecco to the left of the screen to bring up the Password Entry. Here you may enter the phrase "SHARKFIN" and our dolphin friend will have infinite air and sonar! If you'd also like Ecco to be invulnerable to all damage, simply hold A and Start when you begin the game, keep holding when Ecco appears, then press Start to unpause and - Voila!

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