PPM Top Ten:
Most Anticipated Games of 1995


If the whispers about this summer's Electronic Entertainment Expo are any indication, there are plenty of reasons to get stoked for an historic year for games players. The next generation is fast approaching (unless you live in Japan, then it is already here!), and the premier slate of titles are all sitting right on the horizon. In this special edition of PPM Top 10, we will count down the upcoming games that have us screaming at the calendar to hurry up, already! Inclusive to all consoles, but barring arcade cabs, let's take a look at PPM Top Ten: Most Anticipated Games of 1995.

top10-10 mar95-10 Star Fox 2 by Nintendo

An evolution in the spaceflight series will push the SNES to its limits!

top10-9 mar95-9 Clockwork Knight by Sega

The Saturn's premier polygon platform game is set to totally redefine the genre.

top10-8 mar95-8 Ridge Racer by Namco

Your above-average racer bulked up to the max with realistic, Sony-powered graphics.

top10-7 mar95-7 Daytona USA by Sega

A masterful coin-op translation will surely deliver an exhilarating experience.

top10-6 mar95-6 Panzer Dragoon by Sega

Soaring atop a mighty dragon in full-blown 3-D is bound to be excellent fun on the Saturn.

top10-5 mar95-5 Mortal Kombat 3 by Midway

This epic, gore-filled fighter is sure to get some killer ports on Genesis and SNES.

top10-4 mar95-4 Donkey Kong Country 2 by Rare

Diddy Kong is set to take the starring role in this sequel due out in the fall.

top10-3 mar95-3 Chrono Trigger by Square

It may not sport 3-D graphics, but this new Squaresoft RPG is one we eagerly await.

top10-2 mar95-2 Virtua Fighter by Sega

A few months ago, this arcade convert may have hit #1. But we've discovered a challenger.

top10-1    mar95-1

Toshinden by Takara/Tamsoft

We explored this title briefly over in the PPM Preview Corner, though restating our excitement for this potential Saturn-killer is worth the time. Many of us were initially a bit sick at the thought of yet another fighting game, but catching a glimpse of the PlayStation launch title, Toshinden, revived our interest for the first time since MK2. Not only are the polygonal characters texture-mapped and personalized far beyond Sega's Virtua Fighter, the arena itself is entirely 3-D. It's stunning to see in action! Sporting a myriad of moves to play with along with some of the most well-detailed and realistic graphics this side of the NES, we have no doubt this disc will be #1 on Christmas wish lists right alongside the PS-X itself.


[Article from the March 1995 Issue of PPM]