PPM Top Ten:
Series Reboots


The ancient days of Pong and Asteroids may be a distant memory, but every now and then a staple of gaming history returns in shocking form. It's a relatively new trend in the industry these days, to revive or reboot a deceased legend for the modern scene. Perhaps this phenomenon was inspired by The Lion King's clever rehash of Hamlet, or the Burke's Law revival. In the realm of games, it's a swell sight to see some of our old favorites come back for a whole new generation. Here is a list of our favorites in this mold, excluding straightforward sequels and largely confining ourselves to generational leaps (ie; 8 Bit to 16 Bit). Presenting PPM Top Ten: Series Reboots.

top10-10 nov94-10 Blaster Master II by Sunsoft

Tiny tanks transcend time, five years after an NES debut. 16-Bit does wonders!

top10-9 nov94-9 Ys IV: Mask of the Sun by Tonkin

Ys I & II on Turbo set a new standard. Tonkin returns for a sweet SNES outing.

top10-8 nov94-8 Pitfall: Mayan Adventure by Activision

Explore mysterious Mesoamerican ruins in a stunning reboot to this adventure game!

top10-7 nov94-7 Pac Man 2 by Namco

The Pac is Back! Reborn after over a decade of obscurity, Pac's platformer isn't half bad.

top10-6 nov94-6 R-Type III by Irem

Irem's third edition in their space epic made SNES shooters worth considering.

top10-5 nov94-5 Tempest 2000 by Atari

This blast from the past excelled splendidly. Singlehandedly made the Jag a must-buy!

top10-4 nov94-4 Street Fighter II by Capcom

Who even played the original? SFII put this Capcom series on the map.

top10-3 nov94-3 Super Punch-Out!! by Nintendo

The Big N's boxing fest makes a triumphant return and goes for gold!

top10-2 nov94-2 Zelda: Link to the Past by Nintendo

Link's upgrade to SNES brought his most legendary adventure to date.

top10-1    nov94-1

Donkey Kong Country by Rare

Without the faintest doubt, the winner of this contest is the incredible Donkey Kong Country from Rare. The original Donkey Kong, the 1981 arcade classic, had players jumping over barrels and avoiding oil fires to defeat the dreaded Kong. Now, in '94, players will take the role of the eponymous ape, along with his sidekick Diddy Kong, to rescue their tremendous banana hoard from a scurvy pirate captain. Reboots are a risky endeavor, especially when it comes to beloved classics. It's only when the modern edition manages to surpass the original in terms of excellence is the reboot truly merited. As such, your PPM Crew unanimously declares DKC far and above the better title compared with DK. Be sure to try it out this holiday season for a barrel-blasting good time!


[Article from the November 1994 Issue of PPM]