PPM Top Ten:
Winter Stages


Players have seen it all, from hot lava worlds to levels rife with treacherous jungle mayhem. We at PPM love ourselves a good, old fashioned seasonal-themed world or stage. With the season of snow and ice now upon us, we figured this is the perfect time to reflect on some of our very favorite scenes featuring that glorious chilly atmosphere. Please enjoy this list of our top picks for video game stages showcasing the lovely spirit of the season, whether it be icy mountaintops, frozen tundra, or some snow-capped trees. Presenting PPM Top Ten: Winter Stages.

top10-10 jan95-10 Ice Climber: Stage 1 by Nintendo

Get your way up that frozen mountain and catch those eggplants!

top10-9 jan95-9 Super Mario Kart: Vanilla Lake by Nintendo

Racing around a frozen lake is top fun in SMK.

top10-8 jan95-8 Sonic 3: Ice Cap Zone Act 2 by Sega

Traverse twists and turns in this fridged Sonic treat!

top10-7 jan95-7 Super Mario Bros. 2 JPN: World 3-1 by Nintendo

Brave brutal weather in this snow-capped world.

top10-6 jan95-6 Super Mario Bros. 3: World 6-1 by Nintendo

Ice levels ahoy! Can Mario slip his way on through?

top10-5 jan95-5 Zelda III: Ice Palace by Nintendo

Use slippery floors to your advantage in the tricky ice dungeon.

top10-4 jan95-4 Mega Man X: Chill Penguin by Capcom

This robot master likes it nice and cold. Heat 'em up!

top10-3 jan95-3 Donkey Kong Country: Slipslide Ride by Rare

Check out those gorgeous cave backgrounds.

top10-2 jan95-2 Sonic 3: Ice Cap Zone Act 1 by Sega

Sega upped their game with snowboarding excellence.

top10-1    jan95-1

Donkey Kong Country: Snow Barrel Blast by Rare

As some of you lucky Nintendo fans may have been well aware of in advance (thanks to a certain VHS tape), Donkey Kong Country features one of the greatest snow levels ever made in a video game. Snow Barrel Blast, located on the Gorilla Glacier board, is incredible in terms of both gameplay and graphics. Hop across snowy landscapes and zoom from barrel to barrel as a blinding snowstorm gradually overtakes the entire level. The snow effect is outstanding, as is the wintery soundtrack. Pin-point accurate platforming programmed by the good folks at Rare ensures fair play without some of the usual annoyances of Nintendo ice levels. DKC is on top twice in a row, can they win a third Top 10 next time?


[Article from the January 1995 Issue of PPM]