PPM Top Ten:
The Coolest Scrolling Shooters


Welcome to this issue's Top 10, a brand-new addition to the mag that aims to recollect our favorites on the gaming scene. This time we'll be taking a look at the very best in scrolling shooter games. There's been a ton of fantastic shooting-style video games since the beginning of the 16-Bit Era, far more than can make it in a Top 10 feature, so your fave may not have made it! We're also excluding 3-D titles like Star Fox from this list. Blasphemy? Don't bug out on us! Skip the angry letters and hear us out first. Anyway here we go - the Top 10 Coolest Scrolling Shooters.

top10-10 june93-10 Gaiares on Genesis

Fight giant mech dragons in this R-Type style shooter.

top10-9 june93-9 Soldier Blade on TG-16

Bombin' synth tunes, great colors, and explosions galore.

top10-8 june93-8 U.N. Squadron on SNES

Stellar Capcom port of the realistic arcade hit.

top10-7 june93-7 Last Resort on NEO GEO

Stunning visuals and superb music. Impressive power-ups too.

top10-6 june93-6 Space Megaforce on SNES

Super duper fast sci-fi shooter with Mode-7 effects.

top10-5 june93-5 Gate of Thunder on Turbo Duo

Turbo-charged space battles with CD-audio.

top10-4 june93-4 Agony on Amiga

Gorgeous computer game with some of the best sprite work ever seen.

top10-3 june93-3 Lightening Force on Genesis

Technosoft's magnum opus. A true-stand out by all metrics.

top10-2 june93-2 MUSHA on Genesis

A legendary arcade-like mech-shooter that is as challenging as it is fun.

top10-1    june93-1

Lords of Thunder on Turbo Duo

How could we pick anything else?! Right from the title screen the player is greeted with intimidating thunder clouds and an electric guitar solo as the title crawls over the screen. The imaginative gameplay varies at a moment's notice from a purely horizontal-type shooter to one that moves diagonally. You also can purchase items in-between stages, thus giving players a reason to pick up fallen crystals other than simply achieving the highest score possible. This CD game has it all. We gave TTI's shooter an overall score of 5/5 in our full review, and we stand by it!


[Article from the May/June 1993 Issue of PPM]