PPM Top Ten:
Most Wanted Sequels


We've seen the ups and downs of plenty of respectable (and not-so-respectable) game franchises over the years. Company mascots Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario have had a number of releases, spin-offs, and side projects. Yet beneath the six Castlevania titles and dozen Mega Man carts, there are a ton of fantastic one-off games which remain alone in the world. Why developers have thus far chosen to leave these works of art in the dirt while joyfully granting a sequel to Bubsy is beyond our understanding. Anyway, in this edition of Top 10 we thought it proper to count down our ten Most Wanted Sequels: Games that heartily deserve some love in the not-so-distant future. With new consoles on the way, you never know what could be in store for these beauties!

top10-10 june9494-10 Street Fighter II by Capcom

Granted, SSF2 is an improvement, but we need SFIII to truly break the fighter's mold.

top10-9 june9494-9 Ecco the Dolphin by Sega

We'd love to explore deeper ocean depths with an all-new fish adventure.

top10-8 june9494-8 Super Mario Kart by Nintendo

Imagine new tracks and racers in an updated Kart 2! C'mon, Nintendo!

top10-7 june9494-7 Altered Beast by Sega

Time to wake the beast and revive this arcade powerhouse from its overgrown grave.

top10-6 june9494-6 Shining Force by Sonic Soft

A character-driven strategy RPG with excellent tunes? All too rare on Sega.

top10-5 june9494-5 Space Megaforce by Toho

This killer '92 shooter outpaced all others on SNES and remains kick-ass.

top10-4 june9494-4 Rocket Knight by Konami

Sparkster was a totally glorious outing on Genesis and a sequel would be glorious-er!

top10-3 june9494-3 Star Fox by Nintendo

Fox McCloud is due to come out of retirement sooner or later. Super-FX Redux incoming!

top10-2 june9494-2 Secret of Mana by Square

An engaging action title that can only get better with a follow-up from Square.

top10-1    june9494-1

Lunar: The Silver Star by Game Arts

What else could possibly top our team's desires for Mana 2 or Star Fox 2 but our absolute favorite role-playing game on the SEGA-CD? Working Designs translated this Game Arts title exclusively for SEGA's CD add-on, and, as summed up in our January review, players would be justified in picking up the CD system just to play this fantastic disc. It is undeniably praise-worthy for its above-average battle mechanics, graphics, and soundtrack, and hopefully will come to other CD systems in the next wave of consoles. We do not know much regarding the future of Lunar in North America, but, to our ecstatic ears, Game Arts has confirmed work on a sequel called Eternal Blue. GA promises improvements all around, from more animated fight scenes to an even-larger overall story. The question is whether WD cares to port this over to our shores when (and if...) Blue launches in Japan. Write those letters, readers!


[Article from the June 1994 Issue of PPM]