PPM Top Ten:
Super Mario Games


For over ten years, Super Mario has been the greatest, most iconic and universally recognized game character in the entire industry. Starting off as a lowly carpenter in the early-80s arcades, the Italian plumber had risen through the ranks to star in a plethora of his very own adventures. Mario with his brother, Luigi, have rescued princesses and solved mysteries countless times by now. We thought it'd be appropriate to count down the Top Ten games featuring our favorite mustachioed protagonist - especially in the wake of All Stars releasing on SNES in August. Seeing as this franchise shows no signs of slowing, this list may very well look antiquated by next year!

top10-10 nov93-10 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels by Nintendo

Exclusive to Japan until this summer, this one's a real toughie.

top10-9 nov93-9 Mario Paint by Intelligent Systems

Create your own drawings, animations, and musical compositions with the SNES Mouse!

top10-8 nov93-8 Super Mario Land by Nintendo

This milestone title brought Mario to the Game Boy, jump-starting handheld gaming.

top10-7 nov93-7 Dr. Mario by Nintendo

Fresh from Med School, Mario cures viruses in this fun puzzle game on NES.

top10-6 nov93-6 Super Mario Bros. by Nintendo

The original platforming adventure! Save the captive princess from King Koopa!

top10-5 nov93-5 Super Mario Bros. 2 USA by Nintendo

An odd, yet super fun sequel with four playable characters and barrels of vegetables.

top10-4 nov93-4 Super Mario Land 2 by Nintendo

The hottest selling Game Boy cart this holiday, this 6-world journey is unforgettable.

top10-3 nov93-3 Super Mario Kart by Nintendo

Zoom through various tracks with Mario and his friends in this excellent kart racer/battler.

top10-2 nov93-2 Super Mario World by Nintendo

Grab your pal Yoshi and leap through dozens of challenging levels in this 16-bit offering.

top10-1    nov93-1

Super Mario Bros. 3 by Nintendo

Winning by the skin of its teeth next to the equally enthralling Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3 was nothing less than a worldwide phenomenon when it released. It built-up the formula from the original platformer in splendid fashion, introducing an open overworld, new power-ups, and the nasty lil' Koopa Kids to boot! Nintendo famously accompanied this cart with a feature film: The Wizard featuring Fred Savage and Christian Slater. This cart released back in 1989, but remains a hot seller for the aging NES right to this day, and deservedly so. And if you own an SNES, even better! Mario 3 is part of the All-Stars collection with upgraded graphics and a crisper soundtrack.


[Article from the Nov/Dec 1993 Issue of PPM]