PPM Top Ten:
Stompin' Dinosaur Games


Get ready to rock n' roar! As we all know, dinosaurs are the epitome of cool. From oh-so adorable The Land Before Time to the heart-pounding Jurassic Park, these beasts of a bygone age have cast a definitive imprint on the present day. Heck, even those weird-looking Brach's Rocks candies got in on the action. Dinos took a bite out of the gaming scene as well, appearing in an array of titles throughout the years. In this edition of PPM Top 10, we will count down some of our favorite games that prominently feature those Cretaceous creatures we love to fear. Hold onto your hats and look out for those electric fences, it's time to take a look at PPM Top Ten: Stompin' Dinosaur Games.

top10-10 nov95-10 Radical Rex by BeamSoft

This totally gnarly T-Rex must run and skate his way through a perilous, pre-historic landscape.

top10-9 nov95-9 Yoshi's Cookie by BPSoft

In a the mold of Tetris and other puzzlers, match tiles to clear the field and rack-up points.

top10-8 nov95-8 Jurassic Park by Ocean

In this SNES release, control a trapped Dr. Grant as you defeat dangerous dinos aplenty.

top10-7 nov95-7 Joe & Mac by Data East

Two silly-looking cavemen must save the day, battling monstrous foes like a giant T-Rex boss!

top10-6 nov95-6 Jurassic Park by Sega

Adventure through the infamous dino theme park in this point-and-click adventure on Sega-CD.

top10-5 nov95-5 Jurassic Park: Interactive by Studio 3DO

Dive into Spielberg's hit film with this amusing ride through a jumble of mini-games.

top10-4 nov95-4 Bubble Symphony by Taito

The classic green and blue dinos from Bubble Bobble return in this two-player platform game.

top10-3 nov95-3 Cadillacs and Dinosaurs by Capcom

Fend off assorted gangsters and Mesozoic monsters in this comics-based brawler.

top10-2 nov95-2 Primal Rage by Atari

Spar with hulking beasts in the ultimate stop-motion fighter. Eat your heart out, MK III.

top10-1    nov95-1

Yoshi's Island by Nintendo

Let's be real - The topper on this list was never in much doubt. Despite our adoration of Primal Rage and its killer reptiles ripping each other to shreds in gruesome glory, somehow the smiling face of Super Mario's trusty steed conquers all else. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island features the titular dinosaur in an excellently crafted platform journey through a sea of watercolor worlds with eye-popping visuals and slam-dunk controls. Pre-historic-looking baddies like the sharp-toothed Blargg and the tremendous Hookbill Koopa are sure to keep you on your toes. Yoshi's adventure is particularly notable for bringing new life to the SNES at a time when PlayStation and Saturn appear set to leave it in the dust. Congrats on the gold, Yoshi.


[Article from the November 1995 Issue of PPM]