PPM Top Ten:
Cooperative Games


Spending time with friends can be a joyous experience. That is, until the host whips out Zelda III and exclaims you can merely watch as they play. Snooze-ville! One-player games are fantastic fun, exhibiting awesome role-playing and precise platforming adventures, but groups of two or more players may desire a different sort of recipe. Thank goodness we have games machines capable of two-player simultaneous play nowadays. No reason to sit back and wait your turn when both you and a friend can leap into the gaming zone at the same time! We've brought this new list to count down our favorite cooperative games available on home console. The only rules are no head-to-head matchups and no Super Mario World-style turn-based gameplay. Presenting PPM Top Ten: Butt-Kicking Co-Op Action.

top10-10 sept9494-10 Smash TV by Acclaim

Impress a bloodthirsty television-viewing audience with your insane fighting skills and tricks.

top10-9 sept9494-9 Streets of Rage 2 by Sega

You and a friend must save the city by wiping the floor with tons of baddies!

top10-8 sept9494-8 Contra III by Konami

Enlist in the Alien Wars and fight as one! This one's near-impossible solo!

top10-7 sept9494-7 TMNT Turtles in Time by Konami

Pick your favorite hero in a half shell and mow down Shredder's minions!

top10-6 sept9494-6 Final Fight CD by Sega

Choose two of three brawlers and conquer the six stages of this heart-pounder on SEGA CD.

top10-5 sept9494-5 Sunset Riders by Konami

Yeehaw! Gun down wanted criminals in an excellent arcade shooter port on SNES.

top10-4 sept9494-4 Goof Troop by Capcom

Stick together with a buddy to solve various puzzles and defeat nasty ol' Pete.

top10-3 sept9494-3 Zombies Ate My Neighbors by Konami

Grab those water pistols and down those zombies in this horror title.

top10-2 sept9494-2 Pocky & Rocky by Natsume

Traverse the dangerous roads of Japan and try your best to keep truckin' onward!

top10-1    sept9494-1

Gunstar Heroes by Sega

Choosing our #1 slot was no easy task, but our team settled on the one and only Gunstar Heroes, the superstar action game for Sega Genesis. The developers over at Treasure successfully crafted a spectacular scrolling shooter cart that combines the speed of Sonic with the fluid enemy entanglements of Contra. The frantic nature of this game is doubled with the entrance of cooperative mode, pushing it to perhaps its greatest fun levels. Explosions kick off all over the place as you both leap around the screen and blow up as many baddies as possible with a wide assortment of weapon options. We can guarantee you will have a bucket load of fun when you try out Gunstar with the two-player mode enabled.


[Article from the September 1994 Issue of PPM]