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  Issue #20  
  December 1994  

Cover Article


16-Bit platformers have attacked with a vengeance! We take a look at the return of Sparkster for SNES and Genesis, as well as Zero Squirrel, Bubsy, Mickey Mouse, and more.


Issue Spotlight & Features

A Season of Games

Christmastime is here at last, and our team thought it a fun treat to highlight our own memories, traditions, and expectations for the holiday season.

Holiday Handbook 1994-1995

Our bonus buyer's guide included in this issue covers our recommendations for the '94 Holiday Season.

Slime of the Season

The Autumn '94 Slime Award goes to the bumbling bobcat known as Bubsy.

The Review Station

  • Ghoul Patrol (SNES)
  • Sparkster (SNES)
  • Super Punch-Out!! (SNES)
  • The Great Circus Mystery (SNES)
  • Vortex (SNES)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SNES)
  • Ecco: Tides of Time (GEN)
  • Sparkster (GEN)
  • Zero: The Kamikaze Squirrel (GEN)
  • Beavis and Butthead (GEN)
  • Boogerman (GEN)
  • Bubsy 2 (GEN)
  • Snatcher (SEGA-CD)
  • Alien vs Predator (JAGUAR)
  • Kasumi Ninja (JAGUAR)
  • Space Invaders (GAME BOY)
  • The Lion King (GAME GEAR)
  • Wario's Woods (NES)


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