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  Issue #23  
  March 1995  

Cover Article

Fight For The Next Generation

Fighters took the stage in this final chapter of the 16-Bit race, and now it's time for 3-D polygon fighters to break the mold. Here comes Virtua Fighter and Toshinden to duel for the top, next-gen spot.


Issue Spotlight & Features

Winter Consumer Electronics Show

The famed Las Vegas expo unveiled tons of news and surprises concerning games coming soon, including some tidbits of into on the Saturn, the Playstation, and the mystifying Nintendo Virtual Boy.

The Review Station

Embark on two new quests with the innovative Enix RPG, Robotrek on SNES, and the long-awaited translation of Ragnacenti titled Crusader of Centy.

Top Ten Most Anticipated of 1995

With CES in the rear-view mirror and E3 coming up, we explore our Top 10 most anticipated gaming titles coming soon.


  • Addams Family Values (SNES)
  • Kirby's Dream Course (SNES)
  • Bonkers (SNES)
  • Mega Bomberman (GEN)
  • The Death of Superman (GEN)
  • NBA Jam Tournament Edition (GEN)
  • Misadventures of Flink (SEGA-CD)
  • Shadow of the Beast II (SEGA-CD)
  • Space Harrier (32X)
  • The Need For Speed (3DO)
  • Iron Soldier (JAGUAR)
  • Itchy and Scratchy (GAME GEAR)

PPM Preview Corner

  • Toshinden (PS-X)
  • Star Fox 2 (SNES)
  • Beyond Oasis (GENESIS)
  • Chaotix (32X)


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