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April 1994

preview7    preview8 Illusion of Gaia

Developer: Enix
Release: Summer 1994
Having confirmed their intent to release the Gaia Fantasy RPG in North America under the name Illusion of Gaia, PPM can emphatically project this title will be a hit. Gaia is an action-style role-playing game in the mold of Zelda and Secret of Mana. Preview images obtained by PPM display a massively colorful and eccentric world to explore with beautifully designed spritework and environments ranging from castle courtyards to perilous cliffsides. Gaia, in Japan, was known for its astounding music as well as its thrilling gameplay. Solve puzzles and thrash enemies in what has been described as an engaging story matching the best of Enix's past (Dragon Warrior, etc). Look for a full review upon this cart's eventual release sometime this summer. Additional translations are on the way too!

preview5    preview6 Streets of Rage 3

Developer: SEGA
Release: Summer 1994
Japan has seen the March launch of Bare Knuckle 3 for the SEGA Mega Drive, and our hotshot investigators have been told this title is also set to be released in the U.S. later this year. For those not in-the-know, Bare Knuckle was localized as Streets of Rage, meaning we'll soon be witness to the third in the awesome brawler lineup. Four warriors will be playable, each with an assortment of moves. There's sure to be twists and turns as the story progresses, with bosses as strange and memorable as Barbon and Zamza. Here's a fun extra tidbit: Two players will be able to join in competitive play in a one-on-one match mode! More brawlers need this feature, developers! SEGA has confirmed plans to reveal more about this title at the Summer CES show, and you can bet PPM will be there to get the scoop.

preview1    preview2 Soul Star

Developer: Core Design
Release: Late Summer 1994
Core Design Ltd is a longtime SEGA games maker and chief developers behind Wonder Dog, Chuck Rock, and Battlecorps. Next on the horizon for this British company is a fascinating 3-D shooter dubbed Soul Star. Core plans to take advantage of the engine it used with AH-3 Thunderstrike to create a shooter the likes of which the SEGA CD has not yet experienced. Expect to see the SEGA CD pushed into overdrive as Core makes intensive use of sprite and graphical display workarounds. Much like a certain other 3-D space shooter, Soul Star will use a third-person, or behind the spaceship, approach. Early images of this disc show off advanced, scaling imagery and a detailed heads-up display surpassing the one previously utilized in Battlecorps. Soul Star is due out later this year.

preview3    preview4 Orion Off-Road

For 3DO
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Release: Summer 1994
Lately it seems Crystal Dynamics is doing all the heavy-lifting for the 3DO. True, you do have odd Putt-Putt and Battle Chess, but the only games company proving the capabilities of this system appears to be Crystal Dynamics alone! Its next flagship title is named Orion Off-Road. Like Crash 'n' Burn before it, Orion is a vehicle-based combat title. The player will drive a monster truck of sorts across an unconquered territory, completing bounties by chasing down fugitives. The main feature (or gimmick -Jet) to Orion is how well it draws more complex landscapes like sprawling, mountainous cliffs, and allows the player to drive atop them. Drive too recklessly and your truck may end up on its back! Keep an eye for Orion Off-Road when it released exclusively on 3DO this summer.

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