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April 1996

preview1    preview1 Alone in the Dark 2

For PS-X
Developer: Infogrames
Release: Summer 1996
Player beware, you're in for a scare! Picking up some three months after the first game, Alone in the Dark 2 stars supernatural detective Edward Carnby in his mission to uncover the truth about a mysterious murder. Alone 2 takes place within a haunted house called "Hell's Kitchen", furnished with dozens of nasty characters, evil spirits, and dark magic. One must be on the stark lookout for these dastardly presences whilst sneaking throughout the mansion of any danger littered throughout the mansion. Carnby starts with a meager pistol but will use an assortment of firearms and melee weapons to win out the day. With over 50 hours of gameplay to enjoy, horror fans are in for a treat. PlayStation owners will have dibs on this disc later this summer. As a sidenote, PC owners have access to the follow-up Alone 3 on DOS and Windows 95.

preview1    preview1 Casper

Developer: Funcom
Release: Summer 1996
Brad Silberling's computer-generated hit Casper, a re-imagining of the classic Casper: The Friendly Ghost comics, wowed audiences upon release and led to a marketing bonanza along with an animated TV show. Now, Funcom and Interplay are working to bring forth an action-adventure game featuring the lovable ghost and his poltergeist uncles. Your job as Casper will be to explore a gloomy mansion, blend-in with humans when necessary, and find all pieces to assemble the Lazarus re-animation machine - all while warding off any interference from Stretch, Fatso, and Stinkie. Preview footage indicates Casper will contain delightful effects and a quality blend of audio, as well as serviceable 32-Bit visuals. As always, we will withhold any major judgement until release... though we admit movie licenses hardly have a spotless record in the gaming space.

preview1    preview1 Bubsy 3D

For PS-X
Developer: Eidetic
Release: TBD 1996
He's baaaack! The cuddly mascot with a nasty attitude is well on his way to the third dimension. Having made its public debut at the Winter CES in Las Vegas, Accolade's Bubsy 3D shall be the newest cat-tastic pursuit for their platforming hero. On a technical level, the game will feature hand-rendered animations set in a computer-generated cyberspace. Bubsy will have the ability to navigate in full 360-degrees and traverse five 3-D worlds rife with secrets and treasures. Accolade assures us Bubsy's trademarked swagger and groan-inducing jokes will return for this outing, much to Jet's displeasure. Hopes run high as the company prepares to embark on the challenge of upgrading their bobcat's 2-D side-scroller into the next-generation. Early images give us a glimpse into this adventure - one hyped tremendously by the company reps.


preview3 Star Control 3

Developer: Legend Entertainment
Genre: Action-Adventure
Release: Summer 1996
             preview4 Planet of the Apes

Developer: Visiware Studios
Genre: Action-Adventure
Release: TBD 1996
preview5 Power Rangers

For PS-X
Developer: Bandai
Genre: Various-Action
Release: TBD 1996
             preview6 VR Soccer

Developer: Gremlin Interactive
Genre: Sports
Release: TBD 1996

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