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August 1994

preview2    preview8 Donkey Kong Country

Developer: Rare
Release: November 1994
Do you hear that distant thunder? Is the drumming caught in your ear? Look out - he's back! The classic Nintendo ape is reborn in what may be the most stunning game we've seen in ages. Donkey Kong Country is a Rare-developed title, made over in the U.K. by a handful of ingenious programmers, and will be the first Super NES game to use fully rendered visuals - and at blisteringly fast speeds, no less! 3-D graphics, the kind promised by 32-Bitters, is here on ol' reliable 16-Bit. No special chips, no intricate add-on hardware. Some thought this was an Ultra 64 demo on first glance, but Howard Lincoln himself assured us that this is a true-blue SNES game. DKC exhibits buttery-smooth scrolling gameplay, rock-solid platforming, and, as evident by Jet's request for a CD at CES, exceptional ambient music. You have got to see it to believe it. DKC is set to launch in November.

preview4 Illusion of Gaia

Developer: Quintet/Enix
Genre: Role-Playing
Release: September 1994
preview5 Super Punch Out!!

Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Boxing
Release: Autumn 1994
preview6 Tetris 2

Developer: Bullet-Proof/Nintendo
Genre: Puzzle
Release: Winter 1994
preview7 Uniracers

Developer: DMA Design
Genre: Racing
Release: Winter 1994

preview5    preview6 Earthworm Jim

Developer: Shiny Entertainment
Release: Winter 1994
Aladdin and Cool Spot were developed over at Virgin Games, but plenty in the industry credit programmer Dave Perry for instilling these titles, and many others, with the spark that made them so fantastic. Perry has now started his very own development studio called Shiny Entertainment. Their premier game: Earthworm Jim. This upcoming action-platformer is extraordinarily hyped. It took us forever just to nab a photo at CES without folks crowding the shot. Jim, you see, was once an average, everyday earthworm. That is, until he was pumped-up with a sudden jolt of accelerated evolution to grant him super-human abilities and size! He will zap to shreds silly-named foes like Major Music and Doc Duodenum along with a host of awful alien assailants. Seeing as this wormy hero is heading to television real soon, EJ may very well be the next big thing.

preview4 Animaniacs

Developer: Konami
Genre: Action-Platformer
Release: November 1994
preview5 Mortal Kombat II

Developer: Probe/Acclaim Entertainment
Genre: Fighter
Release: September 1994
preview6 Ecco 2

Developer: Novotrade/Sega
Genre: Action-Adventure
Release: Summer 1994
preview7 Samurai Showdown

Developer: Saurus
Genre: Fighter
Release: Autumn 1994

preview5    preview6 Doom

Developer: id Software
Release: Winter 1994
Id Software's groundbreaking Doom is coming soon to the Jaguar. Utilizing an outrageous 65,000+ colors and finely tuned shading and lighting techniques, this version blows the competition out of the water. Brace yourself for a hellish quest the likes of which you've never seen before. Running at a lively 24 frames-per-second and featuring elaborate backgrounds and character movement, this is one 3-D shooter you will not want to pass up. We expect Doom to launch on Jaguar later this year.

preview4 Alien v Predator

Developer: Rebellion Developments
Genre: 3-D Shooter
Release: October 1994
preview5 Kasumi Ninja

Developer: Hand Made Software
Genre: Fighter
Release: Autumn 1994
preview6 Iron Soldier

Developer: Eclipse Software
Genre: 3-D Simulator
Release: Winter 1994
preview7 Battlezone 2000

Developer: Atari
Genre: 3-D Shooter
Release: Late 1994

preview1    preview8 Way of the Warrior

For 3DO
Developer: Naughty Dog
Release: Late 1994
Way of the Warrior is an upcoming one-vs.-one fighting game from a new development studio named Naughty Dog. This disc will showcase ten souped-up, digitized warriors, brawling on the supreme tournament stage for eternal glory. Each fighter has over sixty moves to his or her arsenal, not to mention several brutal special strikes and fatalities. The excitement surrounding the CES exhibition verified player interest, but without an arcade outlet, time will tell if WOTW can beat MK.

preview4 Super Street Fighter II

Developer: Capcom
Genre: Fighter
Release: Autumn 1994
preview5 GEX

Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Genre: Action-Platformer
Release: Late 1994
preview6 FIFA

Developer: EA Sports
Genre: Soccer
Release: Autumn 1994
preview7 Demolition Man

Developer: Alexandria, Inc.
Genre: Action-Racing
Release: Autumn 1994

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