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February 1994

preview7    preview8 Super Metroid

Developer: Nintendo
Release: Spring 1994
Seven long years since the release of the cult classic Metroid on NES, Nintendo has confirmed the imminent release of a long-rumored 16-Bit sequel. Metroid II on Game Boy was well and good (Good, not great -Jet) but a true follow-up to Samus Aran's introduction has been on many gamers' wish lists. The time is nigh, my friends! Samus will be returning to the dangerous planet of Zebes to deal with the dreaded Mother Brain once and for all. We expect to learn far more about SM at Nintendo's upcoming CES showcase, but early screen shots detail an alien world highlighted in a beautiful array of colors, and our hero equipped with an upgraded power-beam to grapple onto ceilings. SM is set to be the heaviest cart yet on SNES with 24 MEGS!

preview3    preview4 John Madden Football

For 3DO
Developer: Electronic Arts
Release: Summer 1994
Football fans rejoice! John Madden Football, once a title exclusive to 16-Bit home consoles, is coming out soon for the super-powered 3DO. If our own preview footage and these screen shots are any indication, this will be a game to celebrate for years to come. JMF features ultra-realistic graphics set in a 3-D football stadium, personalized commentary and scouting reports, and plenty of digitized video sequences. Not to mention an improved artificial intelligence which will surely bring some much-needed realism to the video sports genre. Other than these tweaks and improvements, the core game remains good ol' fashioned football. EA Sports has outdone themselves, by all accounts, and has given a glimpse into the future of sports games.

preview1    preview2 Battlecorps

Developer: Core Design
Release: Spring 1994
Take control of a Bipedal Attack Machine, or BAM, to accomplish the total liberation of your home planet from a robotic security system gone awry. Battlecorps is set to release this spring exclusively for Sega-CD consoles, and if you own the system this may just be a no-brainer buy. Core Design programmers have designed a 3-D planetary simulation for your mechanized hero to blast into. From inside a mech suit, blast the alien AI to smithereens and roam the planet's surface to your heart's content. You can even aim your barrels along a Y-axis to aim up at flying enemies! When complete, the game disc will add a computerized CD soundtrack to the shootin' fun! All in all this shows promise, and above and beyond the likes of Stellar-Fire.

preview3    preview4 Escape from Monster Manor

For 3DO
Developer: Electronic Arts
Release: Spring 1994
Horror come to life! An exciting new horror game is on its way to 3DO courtesy of Electronic Arts. Monster Manor is a 3-D first-person shooter title developed in the mold of Castle Wolfenstein. See the horrific sights of a haunted mansion through the eyes of a necrokiller, slip through the labyrinthian hallways to avoid an untimely demise, and shoot down those nasty ghosts and ghouls before they sap your brain! This quest to assemble a mysterious Talisman is accompanied by brilliant, PC-like visuals and immersive spooky sound effects. You must stay alert as you explore each floor, as zombies and floating heads will sneak up on you when you least expect it. We look forward to the emergence of this anxiety-inducing game from the depths of heck later this year.

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