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January 1994

preview5    preview6 NBA Jam

Developer: Midway
Release: March 1994
The hottest arcade cab is headed to home consoles thanks to Midway and the National Basketball Association. NBA Jam, arguably the funnest sports title since Madden Football, is set for release on Super NES, Genesis, and Game Gear. For those living under a rock, Jam is a B-Ball game unlike any other, proven to captivate gamers totally oblivious to the wide world of sports. We've been promised a faithful adaptation with the full slate of teams (all 27!), a conversion of the arcade sounds, and the variety of offensive and defensive controls. The iconic announcer will also feature on this home port! Be prepared to usher in a never-ending Jam Session - quarter free - when this two-on-two basketball game reaches consoles this spring.

preview1    preview2 Alien VS Predator

For Jaguar
Developer: Rebellion Dev
Release: Summer 1994
Alien VS Predator, based off two giant film licenses from 20th Century Fox, is an eye-popping 3-D combat game on its way to the Jaguar. Atari and Rebellion Developments are developing this shooter with a presentation markedly similar to Wolfenstein 3-D on home computers. The player will maneuver in real-time through lifelike environments with texture mapped corridors on a reportedly high frame-rate (Too good to be true! -Jet). Play as either the Alien with a nasty claw strike and wall climb abilities, the Predator with infared vision, or the Marine with his handy motion detector. This type of game has yet to be done right on home console, so we eagerly await the finished product. Much work still remains on producing this cart for the Jag, but this may give Atari a one-up over the 3DO.

preview3    preview4 Shock Wave

For 3DO
Developer: Electronic Arts
Release: Summer 1994
Coming this summer to 3DO systems: Shock Wave from EA. In the distant future, humans and aliens are set on the warpath as ETs send their attack ships into Earth's atmosphere. Pilot a hovering craft and blast apart the nasties before it's too late! Combining full-motion video cutscenes and shooter gameplay is something we've seen done on SEGA-CD, but the gameplay on this disc seems way more immersive than the likes of Sewer Shark. You will have access to guns and missiles during your explorative journey through realistic backgrounds from Egypt to Las Vegas. Judging by early footage of this game, Shock Wave may play more like a flight simulator than a true shooter, but its graphics and CD voicework nonetheless impressed our team.

preview7    preview8 Rocko's Modern Life

Developer: Viacom
Release: Spring 1994
This brand-new platformer based off the famed "Nick Toon" is on its way to Super NES systems real soon! Rocko is a young wallaby on a mission: To keep his pet dog, Spunky, safe by any means necessary. If you've played The Lost Vikings or Lemmings, you'll be familiar with the gist, here. It's a platformer, sure, but puzzlers like these are brain teasers too. From our early look at the game, this cart certainly feels like it'll capture the unique and weird spirit of the cartoon. Fans will no doubt find tons of obscure references and callbacks to early episodes of the TV show. The fun and challenging gameplay will surely keep players of all ages glued to the screen for hours to come, that is if Rocko strikes your fancy.

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