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November/December 1993

preview5    preview6 Atari Jaguar Games

For Jaguar
Developer: Various
Release: Nov. 1993 - Q1 1994
Ever since Atari's August debut of their brand-new 64-bit console, the video gaming "press" has been nipping at the heels of Jag developers to gain better insight into the true power of the new tech. A lion's share of these upcoming softs seems based on 3-D graphics and gameplay, though some titles like Fabtek's Raiden and Tiny Toons appear to be traditional 2-D affairs. The flagship offering from Atari is Cybermorph, a free-roaming spaceship shooter with polygonal environments and interactive objects. Players will have the ability to transform, or morph, into various shapes for superior flight speed or maneuverability. Atari hopes that Cybermorph may set the standard for their ambitious console plans.

preview7    preview8 Total Eclipse

For 3DO
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Release: February 1994
3DO, like Jaguar, will undoubtedly lean heavily on next-generation titles in order to sway die-hard games players to take the plunge. Crash 'N' Burn gave us a taste of the future, and soon Total Eclipse will arrive as our second course. Also brought to you by Crystal Dynamics, Eclipse is a Star Fox/Silpheed-like space shooter with eye-popping visuals. CD boasts 24 frames per second of space combat in addition to two switchable viewing perspectives. Early demos of this disc proved their claims' validity and demonstrated the capability of the hardware to render fast-moving graphics. Tech-wise, titles like Eclipse leave us flabbergasted, however we'll need to see the whole package before passing a verdict, here.

preview7    preview8 Castlevania: Dracula X

For Turbo Duo
Developer: Konami
Release: Spring 1994
Out now in Japan on PC Engine CD is the latest in the Castlevania franchise. Named Dracula X: Chi no Rondo, this is the first whip-cracking adventure to make it to a CD system, and gosh are we excited for the eventual North American translation (Bring more PCE to Turbo, please!). This time, the duty to defeat the ever-menacing Dracula falls to Simon Belmont's descendant in the 18th Century. Konami has made sure to include tons of undead monsters to fight on the road to your resurrected rival, as well as numerous power-ups and special attacks. According to the latest news outlets and the dev's own schedule, Dracula X should be expected to appear on the Turbo Duo sometime in Spring of 1994. We'll keep you posted, 'Vania Fans!

preview7    preview8 Virtua Racing

Developer: Sega
Release: March 1994
Oh yes, you've read that right. Sega has been hard at work trying to cram the complex and groundbreaking arcade racing hit Virtua Racing into a Genesis cartridge. If you haven't been living under a rock this past year, we're sure you've noticed that aside the permanently crowded Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat cabs is a rather large, sit-down machine for this racing simulator. Virtua Racing takes advantage of all the latest chips to bring you a racer that is leaps and bounds above older polygonal racers like Atari's Hard Drivin'. Sega provided us with the included photos of the Genesis version in action, and by the looks of it the translation seems faithful. Frankly, we'll have to see it to believe it.

preview7    preview8 Breath of Fire

Developer: Capcom
Release: Spring 1994
When not working on rehashing Mega Man for the fifteenth time on NES, there are evidently a few Capcom programmers free to work within an RPG division. Breath of Fire is the very first project from this team, and the game is out now for Super Famicom in Japan. Japanese players are raving about this one, from its storyline to the diversity of its characters to its soundtrack - and we don't need a translation to prove that last point is true. The overworld sprites in this 12-MB cart are nothing to shake a stick at, nor do they particularly stand out, but the isometric fighting scenes are quite gorgeous. Capcom is reluctant to release this one in the States, but we've heard rumors of a potential Spring '94 release.

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