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June 1994

preview1    preview8 Rise of the Robots

For 3DO
Developer: Absolute
Release: Late 1994
Little-known game developer Absolute is working on a killer fighter which is sure to turn your gears. Meet the robots: Rise of the Robots, that is, as they storm right on in and toss SF2 to the dustbin. Prepare for a graphical masterpiece the likes of which gamers have never seen. Absolute is utilizing state-of-the-art modeling kits and 3-D imagery, and some lighting trick called "Ray-tracing." Combine these lifelike frames with butter-smooth animation, along with a heaping helping of rad futurism, and you may just have the next evolution in games. The all-important gameplay factor is a touch less original, that being a one-on-one fighter, but the dazzling spectacle may hide unoriginality in that front. Before long you will be able to enjoy Rise of the Robots in arcades as well as on PC and 3DO when the title launches later this year.

preview2    preview8 Super SF 2

Developer: Capcom
Release: July 1994
Don't throw away your Ryu poster just yet! SF2, as we all know, will surely not go away without a fight! The successor-ish to Street Fighter 2, Super Street Fighter 2, is on its way to home consoles courtesy of the Capcom behemoth. The devs promise the complete arcade package coiled up in a cartridge, with all new challengers, stages, and moves included. To ensure the gameplay is kept preserved in pristine condition, the SNES cart is said to be an enormous 32-Megs! That is one hefty game pak, and the biggest yet for Nintendo's 16-Bit powerhouse! The bad news is that this will not be a translation of Grand Master Challenge or Turbo X, just the original SSF2 arcade coin-op. But, hey, as that gripe will hardly matter as you're out there kicking butt and saving quarters hand over fist. SSF2 is due out next month for SNES and Genesis.

preview3    preview2 Snatcher

Developer: Konami
Release: Late 1994
Coming soon to a SEGA-CD near you is an adventure game unlike any other. Konami is hard at work translating Snatcher for English-speaking audiences, and in doing so is set to unleash a cinematic experience for Sega players here in the ol' US of A. If you've seen Blade Runner or The Terminator, picture that sort of dark and dismal environment. It's a future rife with robotic crime and machinated mayhem. You play as a hard-boiled bounty hunter searching for deadly "snatcher" androids, solving puzzles and the like as you explore and learn about the world around you. This title was a smash hit when exclusively released in Japan for the PC-Engine Super CD, so you role-players and point-and-click nerds better be paying attention! This mature-only disc is scheduled to release around the holiday season.


preview4   Super Bomberman 2

Developer: Hudson
Release: Autumn 1994
             preview5   Shining Force CD

Developer: SEGA
Release: Late 1994
preview6 Super Air Zonk

Developer: TTI
Release: Summer 1994
             preview7 Pac-Attack

Developer: Namco
Release: July 1994

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