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May/June 1995

preview3-gamelogo Panzer Dragoon

Developer: Sega
Release: Autumn 1995
Ready to see the raw power of Saturn? Check out Panzer Dragoon, a glorious-looking 3-D shooter developed by Sega for their next-gen console. These texture-mapped polygonal graphics are outstanding. Soaring through the air atop your winged steed gives you the sensation of true flight as you zip forward at high speeds. Use a charged laser strike to blast away enemies and carefully steer your dragon to avoid obstacles like dilapidated buildings, water traps, and floating platforms. Once the Saturn launches in the U.S. later this year, this one will surely be worthwhile pickup.
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preview2-gamelogo Street Fighter: The Movie

For PS-X
Developer: Acclaim
Release: Autumn 1995
Coming soon for the next generation of consoles is a home port of the yet-to-be-released coin-op based on the SF II film. Street Fighter: The Movie uses the same technology as Mortal Kombat to insert lifelike models of the cinematic actors right into the game. Boy, we cannot wait to bash Van Damme to digitized bits! Though not a Capcom title, players should expect the same Capcom-like gameplay and quality we've come to expect. The arcade version is due out this summer, and these portovers should follow shortly thereafter on PlayStation, Saturn, and 3DO.
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preview3   Jet Ski Rage

For 32X
Developer: Velocity
Genre: Racing
Release: TBD 1995
             preview4   Astal

Developer: Sega
Genre: Action-Platformer
Release: TBD 1995
preview5 Wild Guns

Developer: Natsume
Genre: Shooter
Release: July 1995
             preview6 Cyberia

For 3DO
Developer: Interplay
Genre: Adventure
Release: TBD

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