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Sega - For 32X
3-D Shooter | 24 MEG
Release: November 1994

Doom on 32X. Need we say more? If you have yet to play Doom, get up from beneath that rock and try this sucker out! This entertaining 3-D slaughter fest features a combat marine working to fight his way outta hell, blasting gruesome monsters and demons that stand in his way. To be clear, this is an inferior iteration as compared with the PC original. The soundtrack was soundly butchered, not all levels are packed-in, and the game featured a giant, distracting border around the screen. Still, the graphics are detailed as ever, and the action is no less smooth than on PC. Though likely rushed to meet the launch deadline set by Sega (And a step-down from the Jaguar port. -Jet), you could do a heck of a lot worse.


Sega - For 32X
Motocross Champ
Racing | 24 MEG
Release: January 1995

Zoom down the track in a motorcycle contest for the ages in Motocross Championship, an all-new 32X cart exclusive to the system. Sporting exciting racetracks and realistic environments, Motocross attempts to recreate a true-to-life dirt biking competition. It is unfortunate, then, that this cart just plain stinks. The 3-D effect falls flat due to shallow draw distance, meaning it's tough to see the road ahead! The main circuits include 20 competitors who promptly crash into one another at the start of each race. The shoehorned combat element, an aspect totally ripped off from EA's far superior Road Rash from '91, does little to liven things up. Just skip this cart (And think about skipping the 32X, too! -Jet).


Sega - For 32X
Cosmic Carnage
Fighter | 24 MEG
Release: December 1994

The fourth title available for the 32X, and the first fighting game unveiled thus far, is Cosmic Carnage. This cart showcases a curious mishmash of gameplay elements from Mortal Kombat to Art of Fighting, adding up to a rather unintuitive experience. The roster features a renegade crew of snakes, dinosaurs, and other oddities all fighting to escape a doomed spacecraft. On the graphical front, Cosmic's animation and character design may be commendable, but a horrendous, non-stop zoom effect distracts tremendously from the action taking place. If not for the scaling sideshow, this 32X fighter may have been a fun treat. As is, we say bypass this one and pick up MK2 for Genesis instead.


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