The Super Nintendo CD

Are you waiting for a mind-boggling CD-ROM experience but only willing to take it if the latest Mario, Yoshi, and Zelda adventures are onboard? Well, fear not! Nintendo has been hard at work developing their CD Add-on device for the Super NES. Our researchers (not spies!) have learned some more details regarding the highly anticipated accessory console that are sure to spin those hot-rod gears clear into high velocity.

Looking to get a leg-up on the competition, news has it that Nintendo has finalized the chipset stock necessary for the Super NES CD. We've discovered that it will use a customized 32-Bit co-processor as opposed to the old 16-bitter, meaning your gaming experience will be above and beyond anything you've played on a Nintendo console thus far. We're not talking "one small step", here. This is an generational upgrade.

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Rendering of the SNES-CD             The Boss Himself: Mr. Yamauchi!

Of course, this new chip news means the Big N has scrapped its original CD-addon plans, but who could complain? This cycle has seen major improvements from the onset of the super systems, and we may soon see the day where carts are obsolete altogether! But don't go throwing out those grayish rectangles just yet, as Nintendo is also reportedly working on cart-based advancements. They call it the "Super FX Chip", and this nutty chip is said to bridge the gap to total 3-D!

The Nintendo wizards have bounced back before, so there's little reason to doubt the intent to engage in a new CD-based fight with SEGA. We're told there is quite a bit of development left to go, as well as logistics and all of that corporate jibba jabba, but we should start seeing the device hitting store shelves next August. No word of a price yet, but we can imagine it'll be around SEGA's $300 MSRP, give or take.


[Article from the November/December 1992 Issue of PPM]


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