Nintendo VS. SEGA: Street Fighter II


Once the Undisputed King of the Arcades, Street Fighter II by famed game company Capcom, is now available for both leading home consoles: Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The newest and most refined version for Nintendo is named Street Fighter II: Turbo while the sole iteration on the Sega system is called Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition. Before we compare and contrast these two carts, our team felt inclined to first put forward that there is no wrong way to play SFII. All gamers should enjoy this pristine fighter to their fullest extent, so keep that in mind before you read on!

Now with that public service announcement out of the way, let's get down to brass tacks. We are dealing with two excellent conversions of the arcade cabinet, here. The core gameplay and general control mechanics are strikingly similar between the two versions. The SNES uses its four-button layout while Genesis owners have access to the six-button joypad (we recommend purchasing the latter if you haven't already). Thanks to the superb control center of the Sega system, most of all the capability for blast processing, SFII: CE is miles faster and more responsive than SFII: Turbo. This is clearest when launching projectiles like the Hadouken, when our SNES encountered some slowdown.

spotlightsnes      spotlightgenesis

SFII: Turbo on SNES                           SFII: CE on Genesis

Turbo and CE are nearly matched on the graphical front. Both are spitting images of their arcade counterparts, although there are a few slight differences to note. The Super Nintendo version presents a buttery smooth picture on your TV while SEGA's offering is blockier and more saturated. CE also has more detailed stage backgrounds, like spooky animated bats and a bright, glowing moon on the Suzaku Castle level. Moving to the next criteria, players emphasize that Nintendo continues to prevail in the sound department. The more powerful SNES sound chip (a point of contention, we know) allows for a clearer and more consistent soundtrack to break through, in addition to crisper voice clips and sound effects.

In our honest summation of these titles, there is no true loser. Occasionally on our Nintendo VS. SEGA segment, we'll base our final call on the drawbacks of one version over the other. This time we have more of an even playing field, and it truly boils down to personal tastes and your own console ownership. No need to engage in a console-war, ladies and gentlemen. In the end, our review team settled on SFII: CE for its faster processing speed and the natural feel of the six-button Genesis controller. Since both titles include all 12 fighters and every attack combo from the arcade, you're not missing out if you pick one over the other. Until next time...FIGHT!


[Article from the Sept/Oct 1993 Issue of PPM]


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